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Squirg -> Squirg's first map! (6/6/2008 1:47:45 AM)

Well I spent all yesterday making a map and testing out the editor. I've made Starcraft maps before and this isn't too different, so I got along well after a few trail and errors. I suggest using at least lightweight titans for this mission. Feedback is comments are welcome and encouraged!

Reward is 400k! (Plus salvage which I got 200k from I think when I tested the map.)

shalis -> RE: Squirg's first map! (7/31/2011 9:24:03 PM)

will try it out. thanks squirg 

sam.vanratt@gmx.net -> RE: Squirg's first map! (4/15/2016 7:41:41 AM)

Hello Squirg
the map is everything I want from a "king of the mountain" battle. I've been in with 2 Assaults (Elite jocks) and apart from being unable to reload/repair (time to get there is much more than opponents arrive): it's too easy. While I find Ghstbear's 6:1 ratio really mind blowing heavy (and that when I have about 400 fights behind everyone of my squad) your's too easy with such perfect hiding places (just like old castles called in German Zwinger) and a nice moat.
I'd: a) make more waves with 1:1 strength (let's say 4-5); the architecture (moat + unclimbable mountains) makes up a lot of ratio
b) make more time between the waves so one/a few could reload or mostly rearmor.
or c) let the supply away OR let the damaged red squad repair (not sure if this is even possible) so they don't brake down at first sight.

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