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rubisco -> A few questions about leaders (5/20/2008 8:43:32 PM)

If I create an army of 4 infantry units and two 1-star leaders, is this unit sufficiently lead?

What are the effects if the commander in chief of an army is active, but some of the subordinate leaders are not?

Duck Doc -> RE: A few questions about leaders (5/21/2008 3:10:12 AM)

Let me see if I can help you.

Try this link here for a more detailed explanation of the rules:


You can see here that a one-star leader provides 2 command points. The tool-tips should tell you how many command points the unit requires. In BoA forces are not arranged into divisions or corps so, if you total up the command points of the leaders in the force & then compare it to the command cost of all the units (or the number of units) then if the the leader's command points total equals or exceeds the total cost (or number of units) then there should be no penalty.

I don't believe it is possible to have a situation where some in a force are active & some not. If the activation status envelope is white then all in the force are active & if brown then none are.

Here is what the manual says about command:

Maximum Command
Rank determines the maximum commanding capacity of a leader. A one-star officer can lead 2 units without penalty, a two-star officer can lead 4 and a three-star officer can lead 12. This is the same for navy officers and sea units. Leaders do not count for this limit. All irregular units (except british light infantry) count as 0 provided a leader of their nationality is present in the army. Otherwise they count as 1, as usual.
Total the command capacities of an army/fleetís commander in chief and all subordinate leaders. For each unit above this sum, the army suffers increasing movement and combat penalties (reduced rate of fire and initiative).

Thus if you had 2 one-star leaders & 4 units together (each unit requiring one command point) then the force is in command & will suffer no penalty.

I am currently learning Napoleon's Campaigns in order to play a PBEM game where things are a bit different & it has been a little while since I played BoA. I am not an expert & I hope this helps. I am sure others will chime in if I got any of this wrong.

rubisco -> RE: A few questions about leaders (5/21/2008 7:54:17 PM)

That's great - thanks for your reply!

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