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Cunctator -> Cheat (5/19/2008 5:58:39 AM)

Some time ago we had a very interesting discussion about the meaures to be adopted to prevent or reduce in-game cheating.
We must reduce any chance of cheating whenever it is possible.
For example, in non-trivial combat it is unaccetable that the defender has the possibility to know in advance the attacker's chosen chit.
Additionally he has the possibility to cheat on die rolls.
It is too much and worst of all it can induce suspects over every outcome of the most important event of this game: the great battles.
I'm not a programmer but I think that something HAS to be done.
For example, to avoid "chit-cheating" the defender would have to send his first battle-file to attacker without knowing the chit choice of the latter.
In this way: 1) Attacker chooses his chit and sends the battlefile to his counterpart; 2) Defender, without knowing the choice of the attacker, chooses his chit and sends the battlefile; 3) The choices are revealed and the attacker plays the first round...then it goes as it is now.
For sure die rolls-cheating is again possible, but chit-cheating is not.
Your opinion?

NeverMan -> RE: Cheat (5/19/2008 6:11:32 AM)

The method you mention is used in games as a group-voted on rule. As far as the die-rolling, I really don't know anything about that, althought the WiF developer seems to have a little different take on it, using a seperate "assist" program that is internet based to generate and send die rolls.

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