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Agrippa -> Lost Turn? (5/12/2008 4:32:06 PM)

I was playing a game yesterday and I think the game skipped a turn on me. I was on turn 18 or 19 on the third battle in a randomly generated campaign, and there was a super fast rush of an 81 morter strike I had plotted and that was it. In the dialog box nothing registered, where usualy there are messages indicating that the 81's are firing and the effects if any.

Also I was noticing that infantry that were set to engage move were still moving in place a turn or two after they reached their target location. The graphic has them popping up in place every so often, and the area where their current order is listed shows the order engage move. I thought once they reached their target location they were supposed to revert to engage fire automaticaly.

I just realized, maybe this should be in tech support. Sorry.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Lost Turn? (5/12/2008 4:47:09 PM)

Perhaps you encountered the secret time warp device?

Seriously though, if you have a save that would be able to duplicate anything like this, I'd love to see it to find out what caused it. This is the first such report I've seen and I haven't encountered this myself in many, many, many turns of play.


- Erik

Agrippa -> RE: Lost Turn? (5/12/2008 9:46:05 PM)

I saved right after,but nothing to duplicate the even.  I have since played on a few more turns and all is going well. 

Another quirk was that after the light speed event I couldn't see enemy units that I could see after I restarted the game.  I had been playing for a while,so maybe it had something to do with the video memory getting too full?

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