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Flying Tiger -> Aircraft upgrades (5/8/2008 6:48:44 AM)

and one more... could we make it possible to upgrade air units EVEN IF there are not the full number of new AC in the replacement pool. Sometimes it would be far more useful to have only a few of a decent plane type than a full squadron of an obsolete type. This is reasonable historically - many squadrons flew with mixed plane types.

Reg -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/8/2008 12:49:10 PM)

Programming nightmare..... [:(]

Terminus -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/8/2008 1:05:01 PM)

Heh... I'll say![X(]

If there's one thing I've learned from this project, it's that all the things that seem like they must be soooo easy from the outside are usually a huge pain in the backside when one actually has to work on them...

Czert -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/8/2008 5:12:08 PM)

FT - simply divide your units and upgrade part by part, and after all upgrades are complete, then they will automaticaly merge. I think, I didnt tryed it, but it can work.

Flying Tiger -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/9/2008 6:59:47 AM)

Thanks Czert. Good idea.

Sorry for causing the headache Termi!!


kfmiller41 -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/9/2008 7:05:57 AM)

you only would have caused him a headache if he really had to code it[:D]

Reg -> RE: Aircraft upgrades (5/9/2008 11:34:59 AM)


ORIGINAL: Terminus

...are usually a huge pain in the backside when one actually has to work on them...


ORIGINAL: Flying Tiger

Sorry for causing the headache Termi!!

Headache??? Is there something you aren't telling us T???? [X(]

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