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borner -> loaned corps (5/5/2008 6:30:13 AM)

can a loaned corps with a leader, where all major powers are at war with all others, now command the army it was loaned too? for example, Russia loans a corps to Prussia, can the Russian leader command the stack in battle? NOt sure if this was looked at with the new J patch or not.

bresh -> RE: loaned corps (5/5/2008 11:23:39 AM)

I did a small testgame, where i played France allied with Turkey.

Then i attached Ney to a corps, and used the lend unit icon.
Game informs you that this corps has a leader attached and if you lend this out, you also lend the leader out.

So i think the leader will count as part of the army. You lend to(With the restriction they wont fight anyone his real MP is not at war with. Including minors.)

I did not test further though.

So yes, Russia could lend a cav corps with leader to Prussia, and he can take lead of the army. If his rating(A-D) is equal or higher than any other leaders in the stack.

Kind Regards

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