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Dan Verssen -> DVG News! (4/28/2008 12:35:51 PM)

The past week has been devoted to moving all the games a little closer to going to the printer as their pre-order numbers increase.

We’ve started layout of the Modern Naval Battles rules, and you can see the work in progress for the first five pages. I thought it would be interesting to watch the stages a rulebook goes through. At this point, the text is in good shape, but will still get another dozen or so editing passes. We have started to lay in the graphics, and have noted where game graphics and examples will be needed. I’ve added a link in the left panel in addition to the plain text rules link.

For Down In Flames, we’ve updated the card slide show with more finalized card designs. We’ve also added a few more cards. We’re working on the updated campaign system now. The first thought was to use the original system, but in reviewing the rules, it was very complex and procedure heavy. I think a better, faster-playing design can be created that will make the campaigns more appealing to everyone.

We’ve added a few more graphics to the Alexander slide show focusing on siege engines and siege warfare. The campaign map has also been updated.

Great news for DVG! – Long-time friend and business associate Marcelo Figueroa has agreed to represent DVG to game distributors worldwide. This is a huge step for us, as it will increase our company’s exposure to gamers and retail stores all over the world. Marcelo just attended the Gama Trade Show in Las Vegas this past week and has already dramatically added to the number of distributors that will be carrying our games.

We’ve also updated the launch numbers for the games on pre-order. Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered, we’re getting close!

Many thanks to Felipe Santamaria who was kind enough to translate the Rommel sample game into Spanish! I’ve added a link in the left panel.

Thank you!
-Dan Verssen

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