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Heeward -> USN replacement CV & CA/CL's (4/22/2008 4:24:21 AM)

In the new Admirals Edition, will the replacement of the sunken USN Aircraft Carriers and Cruisers be removed, and the Allied player receive the replacement ships on the dates they entered service?

They could have the planned names or the commissioned name with a (II) behind it.

Example for CV10 - Bon Homme Richard or Yorktown II

jwilkerson -> RE: USN replacement CV & CA/CL's (4/22/2008 4:45:23 AM)


Chad Harrison -> RE: USN replacement CV & CA/CL's (4/22/2008 5:39:24 PM)


ORIGINAL: jwilkerson


Wait, is this in then? I have not tried to wade through the naval thread in some time and last I heard, a number of AE team members were very vocal against having this be in.

Personally, I like it better that way. I think the whole respawn system is silly.

Just give us the correct ships on the correct days, as they rolled out historically regardless of how many CV or CA/CL's I loose or dont loose.

rockmedic109 -> RE: USN replacement CV & CA/CL's (4/22/2008 9:46:34 PM)

I think I read that a no respawn scenario was in.  The normal {respawn} scenario was also in.  My question would be does the no respawn scenario also include no respawning MSW?  I think I read that there are no CA/CL respawning in the no respawn scenario.

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