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julien -> Game changing version (4/9/2008 10:20:12 AM)


I actually played a 7 player game on V1.01b, and we wish to continu the same game on v1.02i.
Is there any perticular way to do it ?
Or I just upgrad my game and reload the current game with the new version.



DCWhitworth -> RE: Game changing version (4/9/2008 10:41:05 AM)

There should be no issues with this as long as everyone upgrades to the same version at the same time. We've found teh easiest way to do this is agree a point and have the host upgrade and send out a backup, when they get the backup everyone should upgrade at that point.

Note that everyone in a PBEM needs to be on the same patch version which can be a problem if you're in multiple games, also Matrix advise agianst using Beta software in PBEM games. The games I'm playing in have all adopted a 'no Betas' policy.

bresh -> RE: Game changing version (4/9/2008 11:16:34 AM)

When did they announce 1.02i beta out ?
Im on G. which was last unofficial release acording to posts.


Marshall Ellis -> RE: Game changing version (4/10/2008 11:58:10 PM)


We're finalizing the 1.02i BETA and it should probalby hit on Monday-ish.
This will probably be the final BETA for 1.02 and I "anticipate" making 1.02i an official release.

BTW: You should be able continue your PBEM games in BETA as long as EVERYBODY upgrades BUT I cannot argue with a no BETA policy.

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