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Sarge -> Online store problem (4/3/2008 12:55:52 AM)

I purchased CAW ,well I think I did but after filling out all the payment info I go and hit summit or proceed (whatever) and a message in a blank screen pops up 0- errors found

Order # DR136811228

I took the next few days off with the kids and the wife flying out tonight to her Ps (in-laws) . You have NO idea what I had to promised the wife so I could play sick this time around

So needless to say this should be marked priority [:D]

Grell -> RE: Online store problem (4/3/2008 7:35:28 PM)

I feel for you Sarge, I hope you get it sorted out soon.



Marc von Martial -> RE: Online store problem (4/3/2008 8:02:46 PM)

Please write an email to

Sarge -> RE: Online store problem (4/3/2008 8:24:19 PM)

I did, twice with no response

I also figured it was just a glitch and placed the order for a second time, only to receive the same error.

At this point its not worth the hassle

Thanks anyway

Erik Rutins -> RE: Online store problem (4/11/2008 3:54:45 AM)

Hi Sarge,

Unfortunately, I don't check this forum that often since it's intended for unofficial support among gamers. I'm sorry to hear you haven't heard back. I have no idea why that would be as is checked daily and there are no spam filters or anything on that account that would block messages.

Have you resolved your issue at this point or do you still need help?


- Erik

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