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for the SciFi fans that may be lurking about....

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka Arthur C. Clarke, a visionary science fiction writer who won worldwide acclaim with more than 100 books on space, science and the future, died Wednesday in his adopted home of Sri Lanka, an aide said. He was 90.

Clarke, who had battled debilitating post-polio syndrome since the 1960s and sometimes used a wheelchair, died at 1:30 a.m. after suffering breathing problems, aide Rohan De Silva said.

Clarke moved to Sri Lanka in 1956, lured by his interest in marine diving which he said was as close as he could get to the weightless feeling of space.

"I'm perfectly operational underwater," he once said.

Co-author with Stanley Kubrick of Kubrick's film "2001: A Space Odyssey," Clarke was regarded as far more than a science fiction writer.

He was credited with the concept of communications satellites in 1945, decades before they became a reality. Geosynchronous orbits, which keep satellites in a fixed position relative to the ground, are called Clarke orbits.

He joined American broadcaster Walter Cronkite as commentator on the U.S. Apollo moonshots in the late 1960s.

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JAMiAM -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 2:05:39 AM)

Another great one passes...

Nomad -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 2:10:36 AM)

Another childhood idol passes on.

IronDuke_slith -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 3:11:23 AM)

This is indeed sad. His imagination could fly, but his feet were firmly grounded in science. He always gave the impression of being a thoroughly decent human being as well.



Brigz -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 4:19:03 AM)



Another childhood idol passes on.

"Childhood's End". Now, in another state of being, some of the things he wrote and wondered about may just be revealed to him.

When "2001" first came out, I went to see it and afterword I immediately started reading everything I could get my hands on that Clark wrote. I guess I've read just about all of his fiction. The man was in the same league as Wells and Verne. One of the greats.

Marauders -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 5:15:16 AM)

I true pioneer.

May his atoms form another intelligent sentient being one hundred million years in the future.

Grell -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 8:06:25 PM)

That is sad news, he was brilliant.



PunkReaper -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/19/2008 8:25:33 PM)

[:(] I owe a lot to the great man. It was his books that got me reading ....reading got me educated... If more kids were given his books to read at school instead of the "literature" they are forced to read I think they would benefit more. [&o]

Jeffrey H. -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/20/2008 5:26:14 AM)

<S!> To a great man.

Valkyrie -> RE: Arthur C. Clarke -- RIP (3/20/2008 5:39:01 AM)

A great loss, but he is survived by an immense body of literary work that will live on forever.

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I still have his book with a skull on a front page... Reminds me on my childhood. Great man, full of vision.

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