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BULLDOGINTHEUK -> WAW- Chillisauce (2/26/2008 10:42:49 PM)

*** This game is now full *****

Looking to start a new 5 player game of the World at War v3 if anyone is interested. Only Germany and the West is awake at the start, with the other powers starting once Paris falls. SS/Siberian option is on. The countries/players are:

Germany - JJDenver
Japan - Barthheart
Soviet Union - IRONCROM
China - Herode2

Let me know who wants to join.

Thanks .

Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/26/2008 11:41:36 PM)

Please count me in with Japan [8D]

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/27/2008 7:47:11 PM)

Herode2, I have had a number of PM's before you posted so the Jap and Russian slots are already taken sorry [:(]. I know its not the best choice but China is left if you want to ease yourself into the game. Let me know if you want to take it or not. Thanks.

Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/27/2008 7:58:04 PM)

All right for China then.

JAMiAM -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/27/2008 8:04:39 PM)

Drats! When you first posted this you had the version listed as 27a, so I didn't bother to reply. If I'd only known it was going to be v30...[:(]

Well...have fun, guys!

Barthheart -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/27/2008 8:16:19 PM)


I suggested that it be the newer version in my PM to play.[;)] Maybe next time.

OK JJ get'er goin'!

Delyn Locksmiths -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/28/2008 12:22:39 AM)

James, set up another. I'll play.

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/28/2008 12:39:12 AM)

We're on turn 3 now - West has the turn currently.

James, set up another - I'd play a country - preferably Japan since I haven't tried them yet.

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/28/2008 10:55:41 PM)

West turn 3 done, onto Germany... Herode2, you are now China. Welcome to the game. Game should start proper shortly.

Please let the player before you know your E-Mail address.


Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/28/2008 11:35:30 PM)

Done. Please JJDenver, MP me your email too.

And guys, why don't you just send the turn to all players for this game, regardless of who's turn it is. This prevents files from being lost, forgotten, burried, etc. Everyone knows who has the turn, whether and when it has been sent, and everyone is able to replace an ally or to remind latecomers. Far more user friendly, after my experience [8D]

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (2/29/2008 3:06:41 PM)

That's not a very efficient way of having turns as only 1 player can actually play the turn. That would be a lot of files to send out each turn.

We have found over the past few weeks that if you just post here letting us all know when you have had your turn this is sufficient.

Hope that's okay [:)].

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/22/2008 2:25:07 PM)

Well Germany has finally invaded the low countries after much postulating. No doubt Paris will fall shortly now.....

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/22/2008 6:11:53 PM)

Turn 10 back to West

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/22/2008 8:29:47 PM)

Turn 10 to Germany.

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/24/2008 5:35:41 PM)

Turn 12 to West - Paris falls.

Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/24/2008 6:32:53 PM)

At least, I'll have the opportunity to invade Japan. Que viva Zapata !!! [:D]

Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/26/2008 12:38:34 AM)

China turn played and ready to be mailed to the German player ASA I've got his @ddress [;)]

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/27/2008 3:07:04 PM)

Turn 13 was sent to Japan 3/26/08 morning

Barthheart -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/30/2008 5:50:00 AM)

Hi All,

Wow this game started so long ago I forgot I'd signed up for it.

I got the turn and sent it on to Western today. Sorry for the delays but I'm on a business trip until Tuesday. Then I'm back until Sunday morning when I leave again for a week so it will be slow again then.

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/30/2008 11:45:24 PM)

Turn send to Russia (Ironcrom), weap, France has fallen....

IRONCROM -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (3/31/2008 6:14:16 AM)

Turn sent to China

Barthheart -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/1/2008 7:24:51 PM)

Turn 14 sent to West. Japan slowing building steam.... China seems to be build fortifications.....

Anybody know what the swing in US aid to Japan is? First turn I got ~4400, this turn ~2500. Is it random? Or slowly declining?

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/1/2008 8:30:21 PM)

Turn sent to IronCrom. No idea about how random the US aid is sorry.

IRONCROM -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/2/2008 12:05:21 AM)

Turn sent to China

Herode_2 -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/2/2008 10:53:10 PM)

The turn has been sent to Germany.
Nice weather here, my chinese conscripts are gladly working by teams, gathering fruits and flowers in the verdant greenery. All things are filled with love and honey. War, said you ? [X(] What is war ? [&:]

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/3/2008 5:39:13 PM)

Turn 15 sent to Japan

Barthheart -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/3/2008 6:03:55 PM)

Turn 15 to West.

BULLDOGINTHEUK -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/3/2008 11:11:03 PM)

West turn sent onto Ironcrom.

IRONCROM -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/4/2008 2:43:22 AM)

Turn sent

jjdenver -> RE: WAW- Chillisauce (4/4/2008 3:50:23 PM)

T16 sent on to Japan

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