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Arjuna -> New Stuff (2/25/2008 7:50:53 AM)

Hi all,

I have just finished adding in a new feature that enables the player to specify the supply levels for a given order. So now you can order a force to attach with a "high" ammo level or defend with "low" fuel. Handy to prioritise the supply allocation to where it is critically needed.


Banquet -> RE: New Stuff (2/25/2008 7:34:15 PM)

That will be very useful! :)

I must be slow because I've only just realised from your screenshot that we will have the option to specify attack/move times as well.. which will make combined maneuvers much easier to plan! [&o]

Rebel Yell -> RE: New Stuff (2/25/2008 7:56:25 PM)

Great implementation!

Deathtreader -> RE: New Stuff (2/26/2008 3:29:16 AM)


Looks like lots of new goodies........ tell us more about retake position, stragglers, basing, and bypass et al. [&o]

Rob. [:)]

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (2/26/2008 5:26:58 AM)

These are new standard operating procedures ( SOP ) options.

Retake Position = when checked the defending force will endeavour to retake the objective if forced off, otherwise it will simply defend in-situ after retreating.

Stragglers = when checked, the force will not stop and rest with any subordinates that are too exhausted to continue. Instead it will press on leaving the exhausted "straggler" behind. Otherwise the whole force may stop and rest with the exhasuted unit.

Basing = when checked, any subordinate base units are free to determine their own depot locations. otherwise, the basing code will be ignored and you will have to manually look after them. Unchecking this is useful when you want your whole force to move or exit.

Bypass = when checked the force may reassess if it encounters enemy opposition and choose a new route to bypass them. otherwise the force will continue to follow the original route.

Attacks = when checked the force may initiate attacks. Otherwise they may not.

Ambush = when checked, the force will refrain from opening fire until the enemy is very close.

Banquet -> RE: New Stuff (2/26/2008 7:18:12 PM)

Ooooh, I like! :)

Deathtreader -> RE: New Stuff (2/27/2008 4:04:15 AM)

Sounds great Arjuna!! Retake position looks like the beginning of a sophisticated new trend in player controlled "triggers". Very nice.......

Rob. [:)]

FredSanford3 -> RE: New Stuff (2/27/2008 5:36:55 PM)

Looks very cool.

Need another Beta Tester?

Llyranor -> RE: New Stuff (3/4/2008 4:03:13 AM)

Fantastic. The features implemented each new release are just great.

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/4/2008 11:13:51 AM)

Just finished uploading a new BFTB build 4.0.149. This includes the above options for setting the supply levels of orders/tasks. It also includes the ability to set the initial supply level of units and the initial stock level of depots/bases in the ScenMaker. Here's a screenie.


The unit data window in the SM has been modified by hiving off the supplies into their own tab view and adding the controls to set the various levels. I've also taken the opportunity to display the persQty and estabPercentage on each tab view so you have an instant idea of how strong the unit is.

Archy -> RE: New Stuff (3/4/2008 2:09:55 PM)

very nice !

freeboy -> RE: New Stuff (3/5/2008 5:39:16 PM)

one thought that may already exist, I played httr and not cota, [:-]
The ability of troops attached to mobiale assets to abandone their assets when the need arises, swamps no fuel etc

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 12:14:56 AM)


Are you talking about mot/mech infantry units separating from their transport components?

Fred98 -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 12:46:27 AM)

I wonder if we can have a bit more detail on the new features shown on the screen shot above. Namely:

Assault At


Crimguy -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 4:57:11 AM)



I wonder if we can have a bit more detail on the new features shown on the screen shot above. Namely:

Assault At


I'm only "a little" interested in that as well [8D]

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 5:29:45 AM)

These are intended ( as I am yet to do all the underhood wiring ) to allow you to specify the timings of an attack - ie when it starts and ends. The defaults for most tasks are that they start "now" and end at scenario end. If you set the start to sometime later, then the force will hold in-situ till the specified start. If you set an end other than scenario end then it will duly stop at the time and the force will go on hold in-situ until such time as you give them another order.

Assault At is for attack tasks. Attacks are complex tasks, comprising of a number of subordinate tasks, one of which is an assault. The default is that the assault will start as soon as any preliminariy tasks have succeeded - eg the force has moved to the FUP and reorganised there. This new function will set the start time of the subordinate assault task. If the force hasn't reached its FUP, then tough, they'll start assaulting from wherever they are at the specified time. Otherwise they will wait at the FUP till the specified time and then start the assault. In this way you can coordinate different attack orders. You can also coordinate a bombardment to start or end when the Assault Starts. It will be up to you.

Fred98 -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 6:47:34 AM)

When the game is released this will be the the STAR feature.  In any review the feature needs to be mentioned 3 times

writ in large text!


freeboy -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 10:49:00 AM)

yes, exactly, detaching from moterized components

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 12:41:20 PM)


Check out this recent thread on war-historical in which I addressed this very issue.

We have more to do in this area, but it is not a trivial undertaking.

simovitch -> RE: New Stuff (3/6/2008 3:17:38 PM)

Many scenarios in BFTB use 'dismounted' mechanized infantry estabs to address this issue as a stopgap measure.

For example the 9SS Pz Div had very little fuel to deploy effectively, so the Pzgr Bn's are on foot in the "Goose Egg" scenario. As are the US Engineers defending the Prümerberg, and a few other situations where the mechanized troops historically either didn't have enough fuel or chose a static defense line in rough terrain where the vehicles would have been moved to the rear because of the lack of roads.

freeboy -> RE: New Stuff (3/7/2008 4:22:24 PM)

ok, probably already answered but I did not see it..
Is there a multiday or campaign?

HansBolter -> RE: New Stuff (3/7/2008 4:31:03 PM)


ORIGINAL: freeboy

ok, probably already answered but I did not see it..
Is there a multiday or campaign?

There is no campaign, but every scenario is multi-day, with several as long as 9-11 days.

Grell -> RE: New Stuff (3/7/2008 5:29:24 PM)

This game is really shaping up to be something great.



Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 2:38:34 AM)

Forgot to mention that we have also amended the read only task view for subordinate unit tasks to display the supply levels as well.


Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 2:51:21 AM)

I've finished the first cut of the new feature that allows the scenario designer to set an initial orders delay for each side. In the ScenMaker the designer sets two values - a Modifier ( percentage ) and a Period ( duration ). The default values are 100% for the modifier and zero duration for the period. If the period is set to any other value - eg 120 minutes, then a special modifier will be applied to orders issued by the player/onMapBoss within the first 120 minutes of the game. The modifier gravitates to the default 100% ( ie no effect ).

Eg1. Modifier = 200%, Period = 120 minutes. Orders issued in the first minute will have their delay doubled, those given at start +60 will be increased by 50% and those at +2 hours will have no special modifier applied.

Eg2 Modifier = 0%, Period = 60 minutes. Orders issued at start will have no orders delay. Those issued at +30mins will have 50% delay and those at +60 minutes will have the normal delay applied.

The initial orders delay for a scenario is specified in the briefing tab view.


Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 2:56:01 AM)

Setting the Initial Orders Delay is easy. In the SM you just select the desired side, select the Initial Orders Delay from the Side menu and enter the values.


Deathtreader -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 4:51:38 AM)

Love what I'm seeing Dave........... but oh such a tease!! [:D]

Rob. [:)]

Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 7:45:22 AM)

RE the effects of Intial Orders Delay. Note the screen dump below taken almost five hours after scenario start. I'm playing the Yanks, who are defending and suffer an initial orders delay modifier of 400% for the first 12 hours. This means that any orders I give are going to take a long time to get through. The companies of the southern Bn are still waiting on orders while the German assault troops are upon them. However, arty can still provide fire support without any added delay. So my units on the front line can still defend and fire back while I can direct my arty units to provide effective fire support. I'm just having to be patient while I wait for my orders to take effect.

Given the long period that the initial orders delay applies for in this particular scenario, I'm being very careful about the orders I do give and I'm keeping some small reserve units that can act as firebrigades. These are motorised company units that have a short orders delay period. Even when modified they can still get going in around 90 minutes at this time in the scenario. This will gradually reduce to their default 20 minutes. But for now I'm glad I have resisted the urge to commit them.


Arjuna -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 7:55:23 AM)

Initial Orders Delay affects the onMapBoss - ie the senior unit on the map. Hence it affects only those orders from the AI at the top level and from the player. Once orders are received down the command chain they process their orders with normal delays - ie unmodified.

Moreover, they can react and reasess normally as evidence by my light tanks company that have bunkered down here. The German thrust through the centre is causing a few headaches.[:)]


FredSanford3 -> RE: New Stuff (3/12/2008 9:14:32 AM)

A thought that occurred to me when reading that other thread referred to in post 19: Right now, you have some method when a unit disbands of transferring the remaining assets to another nearby unit. Why not do something like that when a motorized unit dismounts, but have the vehicles "disband" into either the owning HQ or base force. When the unit remounts, the vehicles "disband" from the HQ or base back to the original owner. No separate counters, just an accounting change. An appropriate "transfer delay" analogous to orders delay would account for drive time between units.

If a coy/plt size unit dismounts > vehicles go to bn HQ.
If a Bn or larger dismounts > vehicles go to base.

I believe that's not too far away from what they did IRL in many cases.

The hard part is doing a "partial disband" of select items that would be player initiated and reversible. It would also require a re-definition of a unit's movement class on the fly. I bet there's other hard parts, but just a thought...

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