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David Winter -> Install Guide for Windows Vista Users (2/3/2008 3:23:30 AM)


As the Maximum-Football community grows, more and more fans of the game will be experiencing the game played on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Installing the game on Vista is very much like installing the game on WindowsXP with some caveats caused by Vista's new security features.

The Windows Vista User Access Control (UAC) tries to help prevent security issues by(among other things) limiting access to the registry . During the installation process, Maximum-Football requires access to areas of the registry that can potentially be restricted by the UAC if you are attempting to install the game as a 'Standard User'.

To effectively install and play the game, you should be logged into your system as a System Administrator.

The UAC must be turned on to install and play Maximum-Football. Many users turn this feature off to prevent the popups and verification questions the UAC asks while performing tasks. However with the UAC turned off, the game will not install or play properly.

A complete guide to installing the game on Windows Vista can be found in the Maximum-Football FAQ or by clicking this link.

Maximum-Football 2.0 Installation Guide for Windows Vista Users.

thank you
David Winter

Dozer -> RE: Install Guide for Windows Vista Users (2/3/2008 4:55:35 AM)

David, Can the UAC be turned off after the game is installed?

David Winter -> RE: Install Guide for Windows Vista Users (2/3/2008 5:00:48 AM)

I'm afraid not. The UAC needs to be on. If you turn off the UAC Vista goes into a sort of 'lock down mode' making it even less likely applications (including Maximum-Football) will work properly.

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