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BossGnome -> Vienna falls in August 1914 - Historically Possible? (2/2/2008 5:18:15 AM)


In my first PBEM game i had something rather interesting happen to me. Having decided, using my superior tutonic logic, that the best way to win the war was an all out assault on Russia while holding off France, I set up to amass my troops at the border of East Prussia, with three main drives planned: one north for Riga, one east for Minsk, and finally, one south for Warsaw. Another minor attack route was further south, to take Lodz. The austrians, for their part, were set up semi-offensively, with most of their cavalry forces in the extreme south hoping to ride across the ukrainian plains to burn russian grain.

Imagine my surprise at the russian deployment: Their armies, all massed in central south Poland! Opposing me in east prussia, not a soul. Imagine my surprise when, by the end of the 4th impulse, an unoccupied Bruun, and then Vienna is taken, along with a lightly defended Krakow. Lemberg and Premysl, thankfully, hold despite heavy fighting.

This shows that the engine is still flexible enough to produce pretty interesting results. [:D] I will put troops in Vienna next time!

SMK-at-work -> RE: Vienna falls in August 1914 - Historically Possible? (2/2/2008 5:51:54 AM)

You don't ned them in Vienna, but a couple in the mountains just north-west of Krakow will normally stall any major Russian offenive in that direction for a turn or 2 - long enough to shift reinforcements to that axis after the 2nd strategic turn....been here....done that [:)]

Strike1905 -> RE: Vienna falls in August 1914 - Historically Possible? (2/2/2008 5:16:26 PM)

As the TE in the scenario that Herr BossGnome has described I would like a word or two.
I have recently picked up the game, and every one of my TE PBEM's I have run with a M.A.D. Russe v AH scenario.
If the opportunity presents itself, then the cries of "Cossack kommen!" and "Na Vienna!" will ring out.
Jolly good fun.
But as I am quickly learning, it's a strategy for abject failure on the part of the TE.
Great overextension, a lop off of the arm reaching for the cookie jar, and the Russe is going to be an ineffective player by Jan-Feb 15, and I figgah, ya'll, out by 16.
Will post AAR's on the games and strategy, but already realize that a far more conservative approach to the TE is the safest bet.
But still . . .
. . . jolly good fun.

The Strike

Strike1905 -> RE: Vienna falls in August 1914 - Historically Possible? (2/2/2008 5:23:04 PM)

Oh, and as Commanding General Blutarksy would say;
Prezmysl . . . DEAD!
Lemberg . . . DEAD!
Hapburgs . . .


wargamer123 -> RE: Vienna falls in August 1914 - Historically Possible? (2/3/2008 1:15:52 AM)

Striker learned that lesson well ;) I crushed Poland like a Grape, and the entire Russian Army in Vienna will starve ;)  as fast as one can Blitzkrieg into Vienna 4 hexes 1 can Biltz all the way to Ivanagrod and meet up with the AH defending the Frontier Forts

I'll give the A Quailty Russian Army in a hat for the the C Graded Industry of Vienna any day of the weak. Not only that but Throw in Poland and 1/2 the objectives in Russia

There is a price for everything, you should let your opponent take Vienna next time BUT be prepared to counterblow such a move

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