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Jasco -> Noobie to COG (1/28/2008 10:49:14 PM)


Does anyone still play this game?
I picked up a copy about a month ago I would like to try PBEM.

Regards Jason

Mccoy -> RE: Noobie to COG (1/30/2008 11:29:30 AM)

Hello Jasco. If you'd email me your preferences we could be setting up a game soon.

Saruman -> RE: Noobie to COG (3/8/2008 4:37:33 PM)

Hi Jasco, try to contact jspickernell and ANDREAS. Bye

vonbert -> RE: Noobie to COG (5/20/2008 10:45:46 AM)

Hello ( ciao Daniele )
i just bought it too... and seem a great game !
i would love to try a PBEM too..
maybe in 7-8 players it will get really amazing !
let me know
von bert
(but the "nick" ..dont mean that i like play "prussia" only... :p ;) )

shaunchattey -> RE: Noobie to COG (1/29/2009 3:25:18 AM)

ill join you guys if you dont mind, as any nation. Im reletively experienced single player wise, havent done pbem yet though.

my email is

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