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yeatsev -> Commander, europe at war (1/16/2008 7:04:40 AM)

Is commander playable with windows vista? I am getting a new notebook and need to know

ravinhood -> RE: Commander, europe at war (1/16/2008 7:46:52 AM)

If you don't want the headaches you'd be better off telling the shop to install Windows XP instead of Vista on your new notebook. Vista already has more issues than it's worth with many programs and games. As to answer your question though, it probably will work on Vista as most wargames don't have the high requirements of other games as far as OS's go.

JudgeDredd -> RE: Commander, europe at war (1/16/2008 10:42:28 AM)

Forget the requirements he speaks of.

You'd be better off asking the question in the Commander Europe At War forum

TBH, I don't know. Some people have problems running it on XP. It uses Java, which may or may not be the issues people have running it.

I would agree with rh though....if you want any sort of compatibility on your new system, I'd recommend getting XP installed on it.

I'm not down on Vista as much as some are. It's nice looking and comes with a lot of fluff, but it IS a resource hog and it does have BIG compatibility Visual Studio .NET suite (which was made by Microsoft) doesn't work on it...go figure!

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