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ShazzFR -> Payment problem... (1/14/2008 8:36:01 PM)


I don't know where to post my subject...

I try to buy Advanced tactics by digital download but the server can't verify my payment. I tryed AMEX, VISA and PayPal. It usually work...

Can someone help me ?

Message :

We're Sorry.
We were unable to verify your payment information. Please use an alternate payment option if available. Thank you

(Error Number: 30024901 - 0

Erik Rutins -> RE: Payment problem... (1/16/2008 8:37:26 PM)

Please e-mail me at with your order number and I'll investigate this with our store.

nervi -> RE: Payment problem... (1/19/2008 11:25:23 PM)

I have this same problem now and to be honest, this also happened the last time i wanted to buy a game.

The last game i bought, i wanted also to buy in the WEEKEND, but it kept failing, didnt matter if i used creditcard or paypal.
That game i could buy later midweek, so i though, that it was just an incident.

Now i wanted to buy democracy and it didnt let me buy it either and guess what, its again weekend!
Well, i am not sure if i am gonna buy it next midweek, i was hoping to play it in the weekend.
If you dont want your customers to buy in the weekends, that place make that clear.
Its really irritating to keep filling in correct info and getting nonstop messages, that it cant be confirmed and you have to try another payment methode.

For me its, clear, somehow in your checking control, they dont work in the weekends................

Erik Rutins -> RE: Payment problem... (1/19/2008 11:47:47 PM)


I apologize for the incovenience you've experienced. I assure you we do take orders on the weekend and I'm not sure why yours are not going through. The only way to investigate this woudl be for you to e-mail us with your order number(s) and explain the situation in enough detail. Then hopefully we can get it sorted out for good.


- Erik

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