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john_txic -> Help!!!! (1/6/2008 11:56:06 AM)

I think we are all agreed that the Napoleonic era is one of the most fascinating periods of history, at both a military and diplomatic level. The dismemberment of historic states, the map of Europe rolled-up, great military campaigns etc.

Unfortunately, we seem to have two games on offer covering this period - Empires in Arms, and Crown of Glory. I do not wish to purchase both (yet?) so perhaps you good people could help me arrive at a decision.

Pluses and minuses? pros and cons? advantages/disadvantages? Which one is "best"?

Your opinions, please.

BTW - I have NOT posted the same topic in the CoG forum.


AresMars -> RE: Help!!!! (1/7/2008 2:21:03 AM)


(Disclaimer: I am a strong proponent of playing FTF and PBEM uisng EiANW)

If you like to play by yourself, against the computer, get Crown of Glory.

If you enjoy a "more challenging" game then I would suggest EiANW - HOWEVER, this game take a lot of time to play a complete game against people using E-mail.

Read more of the fourms to get a better idea of the comments about the game....espically about the AI.

Soapy Frog -> RE: Help!!!! (1/7/2008 11:20:08 PM)

Yes Crown of Glory AI is at least a slightly bigger challenge, though I was not a big fan of the crazy micro-management of the economy in CoG.

EiA is a better game: however this implementation requires patience and human opponents.

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