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kc_chiefs -> Suddenly ... Enforced Peace (1/5/2008 9:52:36 PM)

I have had peace enforced on me as the French twice now in two separate wars with Prussia and Austria. In reading the manual I can find nothing that enforces a peace.

I had a couple of battles, was sieging areas, etc. Then I pulled out of the country to regroup and suddenly couldnt go back in. (in the case of Prussia)

In the case of Austria I was in the areas near the Tyrol and actually within Austrian borders when peace was enforced. I could then no longer attack anything that Austria had conquered.

So what causes peace and what should I do to prevent it?

Grognot -> RE: Suddenly ... Enforced Peace (1/5/2008 10:12:10 PM)

Should be in the log.  War doesn't "lapse" between majors, and an informal/white peace doesn't lead to an enforced peace (so you could DoW immediately, if you wanted), so they probably sued for peace.

If they sued for peace and you didn't select any conditions, all that happens is the repatriation, prisoner exchange, and enforced peace (and the PP change).

kc_chiefs -> RE: Suddenly ... Enforced Peace (1/5/2008 10:25:57 PM)

I had conditions set - ceding territories, etc. Didnt notice any territory changes hands.

Grognot -> RE: Suddenly ... Enforced Peace (1/5/2008 10:32:14 PM)

If there's no mention of the peace in the logs (informal or either formal type), it's probably a bug -- in which case Marshall could probably use the save files.  There was a case just posted in the Tech Forum where creating a kingdom resulted in inexplicable instant peace.

kc_chiefs -> RE: Suddenly ... Enforced Peace (1/5/2008 10:40:56 PM)

Ok - I will try and document it if it happens again.

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