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Kuokkanen -> MMO strategy games (12/26/2007 3:24:56 PM)

Some people here complain that there are no MMO type strategy games available. To prove they are wrong, let's post here ALL MMO type strategy games we know of.

VGA Planets and Stars!
Mentioned on these forums several times, these 4X type space strategy games are designed to be played by several players, but AI opponents are available through expansions. I haven't played either of these, but I can tell some basics. In both games player takes control of one civilization with intention to lead it to most dominating race/faction of the galaxy. So pretty much same stuff as Master of Orion and Galactic Civilization series. But this is against other players MMO style. There is server where players download save file, plays turn, saves it and sends to server. Server processes save files of various players and creates new file to be downloaded. Thus functionality is similar to PBM and WeGo games.
VGA Planets

Shattered Galaxy
This game boasts to be first of MMO type RTS game. I haven't played it, but what I've read about it, player buys forces and goes kick butts of other players. Several players can take part to same scenario/battle. There are some RPG stuff that also define what kind of stuff player can buy, how to modify it and how much of it can be taken to fight. Game can be played for free, but with several restrictions.
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This game I've even played with. Player takes control of small nation with goal to conquer all of the planet Neveron. Planet is split to sectors and new player gets one of the empty ones. Starting from that, player builds industry, expands to other sectors and fights against other players. Alternatively new player can join to existing faction, with permission of faction leader/owner, and works with what ever resources and permissions faction leader gives. Combat is tactical scale, which happens inside one of the square sectors. Tactical map is standard hex map, and combat rules are mostly like Classic BattleTech, with some modifications: woods don't ever block LOS. Also majority of units are from CBT with real names and statistics. Game is played with WWW browser free of charge.
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Earlier known as MegaMekNET, MekWars is on-line campaign game built around MegaMek. Short and sweet: players join to factions and fight over Inner Sphere ( = known galaxy). Players launch attacks against planets of opposing factions. Focus is conquering enemy. If captured planet includes factory, it is possible to use that factory to produce units of enemy for own use. Other available task types include raids to steal units or components from enemy. Default server is based to year 3025 with level 1 technology. Available units include most of tech level 1 'Mechs, ground vehicles and VTOL.
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What else?

JudgeDredd -> RE: MMO strategy games (12/27/2007 12:08:47 AM)

nevermind [:D]

hadberz -> RE: MMO strategy games (12/27/2007 12:40:06 AM)

Here are some that I am looking into.


Heros Kingdoms

Warlords Online

Being a fan of Warlords I will probably play that one, plus being free is nice :)

Kuokkanen -> RE: MMO strategy games (12/30/2007 9:10:19 PM)

Starfleet Command serie (except the first one)! How could I had forgot this! [8|]
There are game servers, commonly known as Dynaverse, and some of them require great amount of mods to be downloaded and installed. Dynaverse games work much like single player ones: player travels between sectors and does missions. If in same sector are other players, they can play same mission at the same time, co-op or against. If there are no players available, AI will be used for NPC forces. For more info, look for game reviews.

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