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Grognot -> Non-termination in diplomacy phase (12/19/2007 7:49:57 AM)

(didn't see a way to attach a non-image file, so snarfing some bandwidth from my old, stale uni account -- saved game available at

AI stalls in GB's diplomacy phase, as in "I can leave it going overnight and come back from work, and it's still completely unresponsive" hang -- no error messages, nada. First time I've seen EiANW stall -- I've completed a couple of previous games. The other AIs complete their diplo phases fast; wouldn't surprise me if it's stuck computing repatriation or something like that, because GB happens to be completely, utterly screwed (as in 'unconditional surrender down to England and nothing else').

Got Symantec AntiVirus running, on the off chance that matters. XP on a Thinkpad T60 w/ 2GB and ~26GB disk free.

Marshall Ellis -> RE: Non-termination in diplomacy phase (12/20/2007 12:13:56 AM)

I just tried this game and it works fine now in the patch. I believe this problem was reported pretty early on.

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