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direct_load -> Draft/Training Camp Problem (12/13/2007 4:19:35 PM)

I just finished my third season with my first league. When I went into draft for the fourth season the computer teams started drafting the same WR multiple times. For instance, one particular WR was drafted 10+ times over the course of the 10 round draft.

Once finished the draft did not auto-populate the rosters and every team was significantly below the roster maximum (45 in this case).

When I started training camp, the game froze when it got to the "Cutting Rosters to Size" portion of training camp. I've tried the following and all had the same results:
1. Manually adding players to each team until rosters were full.
2. Using an older league file and finishing the previous season over, and then restarting the draft. (Same results with the multiple drafting of the same WR and hang up in training camp.)

I uninstalled the game yesterday and reinstalled it, I'm wondering if something didn't take correctly in the new install which is messing up the draft and the training camp.

Any suggestions? I had seen a previous post about making sure each team had a profile selected but I'm not exactly sure how you check for this. Every team has a draft profile in the "View Team" screens and a playbook.

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