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semper fi -> Calvary Divisions (12/12/2007 4:05:05 AM)

What is the actual strength of cavalry divisions? Does half the strength represent horses? For example, does a 10,000-man cavalry division actually represent 5,000 troopers and 5,000 horses?

1LTRambo -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/14/2007 6:22:16 PM)

The strength of a cavalry division is 10,000 in manpower. Thus 10,000 men and horses.

ericbabe -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/14/2007 7:22:34 PM)

Strength is a little abstract for cavalry and even artillery divisions -- it's meant to model not only men but also horses and bits of functional equipment.  We didn't really establish an exact ratio of human beings to strength for these units.

semper fi -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/14/2007 10:23:52 PM)

Thanks for the answer...10,000-man cavalry divisions seem excessive and not historical. That is more like a 1-2 cavalry corps. Would my initial post be accurate?

ericbabe -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/15/2007 2:23:25 AM)

I think historically-speaking it may be a little high.  A cavalry "division" in COG may be more like 3,000 men, if I remember correctly.  It's been a while since we worked on the OOBs though.

1LTRambo -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/15/2007 3:36:54 AM)

This is interesting. I based my answer on the listed strength of units in the game. Why is the full strength listed as 10,000 if it is really only supposed to be 3,000?

semper fi -> RE: Calvary Divisions (12/15/2007 3:45:14 AM)

Roger...that seems accurate for a typical cavalry division back then. Why not adjust the cavalry divisons to reflect a strength accurate to this number of 3,000? They still draw repalcements up to the 10,000 man limit. These replacements could be used for other units...a bit of a disconnect.

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