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John Neal -> error message: could not read RKEY ... (12/8/2007 4:33:26 PM)

Russians declared war on France. Assaulted Hannover,
i never did see any Russians? I kept playing,
then they attack Paris! Never seen. Happen to have 1cav
corps there with Ney. Ney is injured! Now these stealthy
Russians have my attention. It could just be the Russian
player sending small Cavalry raids in from a distance, certainly,
but something was amiss:

Error window comes up "Could not RKEY in TB_EIA_GET_NATION_COMBAT_MOD"

The game kept running, Ney is not on the map.

Save file afterwards:

bresh -> RE: error message: could not read RKEY ... (12/8/2007 5:32:19 PM)

Ponder, yeah think happend to me to.

I dont know how, it was late, but to my memory it looked like 3 cav factors in the corps i attacked had 5 morale ?
Happend again vs cossak.  So prob, some russian table missing.


yesman68 -> RE: error message: could not read RKEY ... (12/8/2007 6:27:22 PM)

Ive had similar error message, seems to be during city assault and trivial combats.  The game does keep running.  Next time it happens ill pay attention to see if it misses a modifier for the CRT.

John Neal -> RE: error message: could not read RKEY ... (12/8/2007 6:56:58 PM)

Thanks for the replies, i search this thread for the error and didn't see it posted elsewhere.

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