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Andreus -> First complete Game (12/6/2007 11:38:25 PM)

After playing only a couple of years in previous games I have eventually played a full game that lasted untill october 1917. It was my victory as the CP player. My feeling is that the game is relatively simple to win as the CP (of course only against the AI!). I tried "Russia&Serbia first" strategy, Russia always surrenders in 1916 or early 1917. Only once I tried to attack France and that was really frustrating, I captured Paris and other cities but they didn't surrender (if I was the Kaiser I would have asked for peace!).
The game I played to the end was probably my best and perhaps the most original plan: I defended passively in both the west and east, and put my best troops in the balkans. I conquered Serbia and declared war on Albania and Greece and occupied both. Romania entered the war but I was ready and knocked it down in two impulses. My only moves against Russia were the occupation of Lodz and Tblisi (by the Turks) and after Rumania surredered I moved on and took Odessa. The italian entry was diplomatically delayed enough to prepare some fortifications. At the end of 1916 the France/Italian/Russian fronts were fully defended by level 4 trenches manned by Germans and Austrians (the Entente hadn't even tried an offensive for many turns). I was preparing a German-Turk advance in Egypt when the game ended.

I haven't yet understand all of the naval part of the game. For instance what are DD, CA, etc best good at? And the naval interface suggests to put two transports in the baltic and four in the atlantic, does this improve supply for the CP?

Andreus -> RE: First complete Game (12/7/2007 12:03:49 AM)

I need to explain better

1) If I want to control a sea zone it is better to send naval units with patrol or raider order?

2) I always put the naval units and transports in the baltic sea but I've doubts to do the same in the atlantic. Do I need to send naval assets to defend the transports? The chances for the transports to be destroyed are the same whether they're alone or with friendly naval units?

SMK-at-work -> RE: First complete Game (12/7/2007 12:15:30 AM)

I don't think it matters what mission naval units are on to control a sea zone - it is jsut hte numberof the units and their type.

You cancertainly out German transports into hte Atlantic - but htey are easily caught and killed by the TE.  If you send the German High Seas fleet to escort them then you will probably suffer a lot of damage, and also inflict a lot of damage too....but your transports will still be caught and killed quickly!

It seems to be poor strategy - better to use the surplus transports to make up occasional losses in eth Baltic to the Russians or the British submarine.

hjaco -> RE: First complete Game (12/7/2007 12:22:21 AM)

Hello Andreus,

Use your DD on ASW orders in anticipated SUB infested waters. They are the only vessels that can detect and destroy SUBS.

CA and BC are best used offensively on raiding orders against enemy transports while defensively to patrol against raiders. Speed is what counts to evade and catch enemy ships.

DN and PD are your heavies. They can be used as raiders because they can sustain a lot of damage and still survive.

When you determine control of a sea area each ship is measured by a number: DN=10, BC=8, PD=5, CA=3, DD=1 and a 3 to 1 superiority is needed to gain control of a sea area. Control is necessary to transport troops through it (amphibious).

Follow the advice on transports with shipping orders in order to gain additional resources. When you enter a strategy phase with way German shipping in the Baltic look at the line for resources in the lower left corner in the column "Trade". This is what you get from shipping and can vary from turn to turn. Note that if you send resources by train between your countries that will also be registered in the "Trade" column. In general forget to send transports in the Atlantic with Germany.

Always patrol in the sea area you have shipping. Your patrols need to intercept, fight and turn back raiders to prevent them from finding your transports and possibly sink them.

Hope that helped you [;)]

hjaco -> RE: First complete Game (12/7/2007 12:23:14 AM)



I don't think it matters what mission naval units are on to control a sea zone - it is jsut hte numberof the units and their type.

That is correct.

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