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Gil R. -> Help with a wiki vandal (12/6/2007 5:55:55 AM)

I figured one of you guys might have some advice about the following situation.

There a wiki that I frequently visit (completely unrelated to wargaming) over at that recently has been repeatedly vandalized. The person first essentially took the entire page offline multiple times, and now is playfully rolling back the page by going to the revision history list and choosing a much earlier version of the page. The person who runs the wiki checked the person's IP address, as did I, and found that it seems to be someone south of DeKalb, Illinois ( Of course, the person might be using a random IP (though the fact that he had the same IP address early this morning and late this evening gives me hope, since presumably a randomized IP address will be different each time one signs on). Any advice on what to do here? This wiki page is not the only one to have been attacked -- at least 2-3 others were, too. I have no idea what can do, or whether they're even willing to deal with such a situation.

Gil R. -> RE: Help with a wiki vandal (12/6/2007 7:14:54 AM)

Silly me, I meant to put this in General Discussion (where I assume it will be seen by more people). Ignore this thread.

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