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alainejosey -> Dude, where's my game? (12/2/2007 2:05:52 AM)

Hi there,
Just purchased Close Combat - Modern Tactics as an online download. Was redirected to somesite called Atlantic UK Emerald and paid via PayPal. After entering my details I had to hit a return button but it kept coming up Digital River server error please try again which I have repeatedly done to no avail. I then received an email confirming payment and giving me a receipt number but no download link. Then searched findmyorder using all the info requested but it can't find any details regarding my order the same happened on the Matrix site. Emailed both Digital River and Matrix support as a matter of urgency but still haven't heared back from them. Then tried the download support number for Europe (Irish) but worryingly the line is dead. Please can someone from Matrix give me some help and advice for I am now extremely worried about my payment details (and my order)!
Thank you,
Joseph Rowan[:(]

junk2drive -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/2/2007 2:12:42 AM)

Yikes! Being the weekend DR probably won't respond. Erik from Matrix may stop in here and see your post.

Meanwhile, are you using Firefox or IE? Are your firewall settings stopping the process?

alainejosey -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/2/2007 2:40:15 AM)

Hi junk2drive,
Using IE and no probs with my firewall. Thanks for the shout.

alainejosey -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/2/2007 3:08:46 AM)

Hi there,
Got a mail from Digital River with a new link to download site. Was worried about the Atlantic UK Emerald site but everything seems in order. Thanks again for the concern junk2drive.

junk2drive -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/2/2007 3:42:48 AM)

Glad to hear it worked out. Have a sleepless night playing your new game [;)]

dprevato -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/5/2007 10:12:18 AM)

The same thing happens to me too... I bought Larry Bond's Harpoon Commander Edition on dec. 1, payed via Paypal, and since then I cannot find the way to download it. In the Order Status Page my order is stated "in review", and the customer support doesn't help me, as simply keeps on redirecting me to the Order Status page.[&:]
I use Firefox and IE either, no problem with the firewall... any idea?
Thank you all
Daniele Prevato

Erik Rutins -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/5/2007 1:30:23 PM)


Please e-mail me at erikr@matrixgames.com with your order number and I will investigate.


- Erik

nappy -> RE: Dude, where's my game? (12/10/2007 11:16:11 PM)

I am having a similar issue. I just purchased a boxed AND a downloaded copy of EiA, but I have no download options. I forwarded an email to support@matrixgames and DR. Is there an approximate turn around time for this to be addressed?  


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