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Erik Rutins -> The Index... (11/28/2007 8:35:41 PM)

As you guys probably know, we don't separate our manuals from their games, but I've seen several requests to post the manual online. What I can do is give you a look at the Index, which should give you some idea of what is in the game and what the manual itself covers. So, without further ado...

15.0 Index


1805 Campaign Game 25

Breaking 41
Creating 38
Restrictions on Creating 38
Artillery Corps 72
Available Options 18
Besieged Supply 67
Breaking Alliances 41
British Change In Victory Points 82
Buttons 13
Multiplayer Game 15
Phase 16
Call to Allies 34
Ceding Minor Countries and Provinces 91
Changing The Move Order 43
Combat Resolution 116
Commander 118
Guard Commitment Table 113
Minor Country 107
National Morale Values 119
Natural Alliance Table 119
Naval Combat Table 112
Purchase/Cost 111
Pursuit After Combat 114
Siege 113
Spanish Gold Convoy Table 112
Victory Conditions 110
Charts and Tables 107
City Garrison Capacities 62
City Occupation 100
Field 68
Naval, Initiating 54
Naval Procedure 55
Pursuit After 75
Reinforcing Field Combat 76
Retreat After Losing 76
Selection of Chits 68
Trivial 78
Unusual Field Results 76
Winning Field Combat 74
Combat Resolution 73
Combat Table
Modifiers 71
Combat Tables 70
River Crossing 71
Confederation of the Rhine 91
Loaning 42
Declarations of War 33
Limitations 34
Political Point Losses 34
Default and Saved Setups 25
Depot Creation/Removal 58
Depot Garrison Capacity 62
Depots on Fleets 59
Downgrading Diplomatic Relations 33
Manipulating Diplomatic Relations with Minor
Countries 31
Minor Country 30
Diplomacy the Diplomatic Stanc
Manipulating the Diplomatic Stance 31
Economic Manipulation 87
Effects Of Piracy And Anti-Piracy Operations 85
Establishing Trade 42
Exchanging Turn Files 22
Explanation of the GAP 23
Foraging 63
Forces in Other Countries - Access 100
Free State Declaration 41
Hot Seat 19
Loading Saved Game Files 21
Loading Turn Files 22
Game Options and Preferences Screen 18
Garrisoned Depot Area 63
Garrison Factors 61
Granting Territorial Access 42
Guard And Artillery 72
Guerilla Operations 67
How To Win 83
Importing the GAP Data 23
Invasion Supply 66
Irregular Forces 95
Landing from Ships 62
Leader Retirements And Reinforcement 47
Leaders and Commanders 104
Lending and Receiving Money 86
Levy Check 94
Loaning Corps 42
Loaning Money to Allies 42
Manual Setups 24
Menu Buttons 13
Minor Countries
Ally 31
Conquest of 67
Influenced 30
Neutral 30
Minor Countries and Ceded Provinces Control 99
Minor Countries with Districts 101
Minor Country Control 38
Minor Country Forces 47
Miscellaneous and General Rules 94
Money and Manpower Collection 83
Money and Manpower Expenditure 88
Morale Loss 74
Combined 57
Land 59
Nation Setup Order 25
New Political Combinations - Kingdoms 91
Ottoman Empire 93
Outflanking Forces 77
Arbitrator 23
Host 22
Peace 35
Percentage Loss - Types of Casualties 74
Diplomacy 30
Economic 81
Land 57
Land Combat 68
Naval 48
Naval Combat 55
Reinforcement 44
Setup 24
Piracy And Anti-Piracy Operations 53
Placing Forces on the Map 24
Poland (Grand Duchy Of Warsaw) 92
Political Status Adjustment 90, 102
Blockade of 53
Enemy Control of 53
Preferences 19
Product Updates 11
Random Number Modifiers 73
Army 45
Naval 44
Reinforcing Attempts 76
Losing a Land Combat 76
Naval 56
Sea Supply 65
Selected Area Information Box 17
Selected Unit Information Box 17
Sequence of Play 24
Settling Peace with America 43
Absorbing and Detaching 49
Consolidation of Losses 57
Depots 59
Heavy 48
Interceptions 50
Light 48
Movement 49
Transports 49
Sieges 79
Spanish Gold 85
Staring a New Game 19
Status Panel and Box 16
Strategic Map 17
Supply Chain Definition 59
Supply Chain Restrictions 59
Supply Check 63
Supply Source Definition 58
System Requirements
Minimum 11
Technical Support 12
Top Nation Info Panel 16
Transportation of Army Corps And Leaders 52
Ungarrisoned Depot Area 62
Naval Victory and Political Points 56
Victory Points Tally 82
Winter 94

Don60420 -> RE: The Index... (11/28/2007 9:18:56 PM)

Thank you Erik. For those of us who have the board game the index should give us some idea of what to expect in the computer game.

cdbeck -> RE: The Index... (11/28/2007 9:46:22 PM)

That has got be one of the most unique things I have ever seen... the pre-release of a manual's index. [;)]

Only from the Matrix crew would we get such service.

If you get numerous requests to release the game today, would you pre-release the starter splash screen? [:'(]

Thanks Erik... I don't have the board game, so I can only get a general idea, but I like some of the things I see (AAAAARGH, pirates!).


SamuraiProgrmmr -> RE: The Index... (11/28/2007 9:49:36 PM)

A quick google search will get you the rules for the tabletop game.  Apparently AH /  ADG does not care that they are published.  That, and the index, could give you a much better idea.

Erik Rutins -> RE: The Index... (11/28/2007 9:58:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: SamuraiProgrammer
A quick google search will get you the rules for the tabletop game.  Apparently AH /  ADG does not care that they are published.  That, and the index, could give you a much better idea.

Yep, excellent suggestion for those who don't play EIA. Please note that downloading the manual for a board game doesn't really help you much if you don't have the board game itself and that's usually a hefty bunch of components. That's why board game vs. computer game publishers often have slightly different takes on how much supporting documentation to release online. The main thing our manual explains that you won't get from the EIA rules is how to use the interface to actually play the game, but as far as I can tell it's pretty much faithful to the original game with a few minor EIH additions.

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