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Skeleton -> TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/18/2007 2:51:18 PM)

As I have not been able to log in at the Wargamer since my move, I wanted to know if anyone here has heard of this tactical simulator or purchased it. The steep learning curve and the lack of an A.I. aside, it would appear to be an old boardgamers dream come true. If you do have information, how difficult is it to get a game going? How long does the typical game last and can one "save" a game or must they be played out in to their conclusion? This one appears to either be far too ambitious or groundbreaking in a manner I have not seen since possibly TOAW. Any and all information would be most welcome. A review is over at the Wargamer with a link. Thank you.

Widell -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/18/2007 3:26:23 PM)

Marcus - http://www.historicalsoftware.com/ Here's the link to the homepage of the game. Haven't actually tried it, so I can't say anything about its qualities. Let us know if try it out.

Skeleton -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/18/2007 4:07:56 PM)

Widell my friend! You owe me a AACW turn[:D]. I went to the sight immediately and was uncertain if posting links was appropiate, thus I didn't. Looks like something we might have to one day sink out teeth into! I could only imagine how brilliant your AAR would be. I cannot tell if it is overly ambitious (Ala, Road to Moscow only not vaporware) or something that might be ground breaking and original. What are you thoughts? If the Mrs.'s will loosen the purse strings I might have to give this one a go. I just don't want to push her genorousity with Empire in Arms coming out and AGEOD's Nappy game being here at Matrix before to long.

Jeffrey H. -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/18/2007 7:00:51 PM)

...WTF ?

Looks a little like Panzer Bliz/Leader......But sorta like a miniatures table too.

The scale hurts my eyes.

What's with the facings ?

Veldor -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/18/2007 9:54:41 PM)

This game looks like a nightmare to play if the controls and UI aren't stellar. Therefore I would need a demo to even begin to be interested in purchasing it. I have a very low tolerance for clumsy 3D controls.

Hentzau -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/19/2007 7:01:50 AM)


ORIGINAL: Marcus the leper

The steep learning curve and the lack of an A.I. aside, it would appear to be an old boardgamers dream come true.

Have you noticed "Advanced Tactics" here at Matrix? You might poke around it's "Mods and Scenarios" forum a bit. It looks like it might be an old boardgamers dream come true, but WITH A.I.

Widell -> RE: TA.LA.CO.SI-Historical Software Corporation (11/23/2007 12:28:13 AM)

I read some more on the homepage. This is not a turn based game right? If not, IŽd go for HTTR or COTA before testing this one. Both are very good both over TCP/IP and versus the AI....

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