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BruceAZ -> A Map Question (11/11/2007 5:17:04 PM)

I note that in most detail battles, the AI starts both sides out in the boondocks. Correct me if I am wrong as I am not a CW buff, but didn't most CW battles, troop movements, etc always start near cities and roads? Seems rather strange to fight in the middle of no-where.

Can't seem to see supply trains, cannon, etc out in the middle of moutains - I thought they were mostly road-bound?

Is this historically correct? Just curious.

Semper Fi

Moltke71 -> RE: A Map Question (11/11/2007 5:21:07 PM)

Most of the battles did start in the boonies. Observe Shiloh, the Seven Days, the Wilderness. One could almost include Gettysburg.

sirduke_slith -> RE: A Map Question (11/17/2007 4:53:18 PM)

Didn't the south purposely move into the middle of nowhere so they could devalue the union numbers and use the cover of the "wilderness" to easily defend their armies (not necessarily true for all the examples you gave)

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