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memman -> Order Payment Process Down? (10/27/2007 8:05:55 PM)

I'm just curious if anyone else is having a problem ordering games the last day or so. I tried to order Harpoon using the credit card purchase and Paypal function, but no luck.

I called the customer service desk, but all they could tell me is that an e-mail explaining the problem will be sent out in the next 48 hours.[:@]

I know it's not my credit card, because I immediately called the credit card company after my purchase attempts failed and they confirmed everything is fine on their end. I'm not even sure what the problem is with PayPal. Never had a problem with that service. [:D]

Looks like I'll have to try Fleet Command instead this weekend.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/27/2007 11:45:28 PM)

Are you saying that our store told you the problem is on the store side or are you saying the problem is on PayPal's side?

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/28/2007 4:25:35 AM)

Hi Erik,

Your store did not tell me why the problem occured. They confirmed for me that they got the same results when entering my credit card information. We didn't try the PayPal method over the phone.

Now I did not confirm with the PayPal site, but I did confirm with my credit card company that no issues where occuring with my card. And since yesterday, I have purchased another game on another website using the same card.

Thanks for your response Erik. Hopefully, Matrix can sort this out.



Edit - I tried again so I can give you the error message that is returned. - Error Number: 30024003 - 0

lonebushi -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/28/2007 11:49:35 PM)

Please let me explain you my (resolved) situation [8D]

When I purchased TOAW via PayPal (and credit card, I'm an european certified) I contacted the support because my Paypal site gave me a "page not found" error.

12 hours later PayPal confirmed my order and my card was charged (not before, just after the order confirmation). I hop you don't have to wait 24 hours or so... [X(]

If you experiment other problems with PayPal please let me know, I'll help you as far as I know. And happily.

P.S: excuse me for my bad english. I'm italian [:'(]

Marc von Martial -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/29/2007 1:40:38 AM)

It seems that PayPal itself has problems. I was trying to license stockphotography today and pay via PayPal, I also got this wierd "page not found" problem. After hitting "retry" as suggested by the PayPal site it all went okay.

So the issue seems to be clearly on the PayPal side currently.

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/29/2007 4:20:15 AM)

Thanks Marc.  Just waiting to hear back now as to what the problem was with me charging it by credit card.

The same error is coming up, Error Number: 30024003 - 0.

I've tried two different cards on two different machines.

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/29/2007 10:05:05 PM)


I still have not heard back from your store regarding what the problem was with my credit card charge. Is there something that can be done on your end?



memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/31/2007 12:53:21 AM)

So I called again to the customer service desk today and still they can't get my card to work. When I asked them what the problem was and how do we fix this, their response..."If their system does not accept my card, then there is nothing they can do. "

So I said, if your system is having trouble verifying the information, then how about calling out to the credit card company directly. But they are not able to make call outs.

Now while they were extremely polite, you can understand this is getting a bit frustrating. I mean I want to give you money, not take blood.:)

Am I to understand now, that if my 2 credit cards don't work, I should either acquire another one or continually fund my PayPal account?

Erik Rutins -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/31/2007 3:40:46 PM)

Hi Memman,

Sorry, I thought we'd worked out that it was a PayPal issue and I hadn't checked back on this thread in a couple of days.

Please e-mail me at erikr@matrixgames.com with the order number for any orders that didn't work and I'll investigate it today to find out exactly what's going on. Seems very odd that it's not accepting any of your forms of payment!


- Erik

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/31/2007 8:24:55 PM)

Thank you Erik.

I fired the information off to your e-mail address.



Erik Rutins -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (10/31/2007 9:24:05 PM)

Thanks, we're investigating now.

glennma -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/2/2007 3:45:15 AM)

Yes....I am having the same problem as you. However, I tried 5 different credit cards. In fact, I received the same error message as you. It is also the same error message I received last July when I tried to place an online order paying by credit card.!!

Matrix is perplexed as to the problem but indicated they are working on. I (like you) was turned away by the order takers in customer service since they have no back-up system in place for taking credit card orders. Truly amazing as I was using an American Express card with no limits. I guess we just have to be patient. Hopefully, all will work out. At least you know now it just isn't you and you can rest.....LOL


glennma -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/2/2007 10:41:29 PM)

Today (Nov 2) I successfully got my credit card to be accepted online. Thank-you Erik (Matrix) for working with Digital River. I am curious, what was determined to be the problem?

Thanks again.


memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/3/2007 5:17:55 PM)

So my vacation is over tomorrow and still no reply (or game for that matter). A good thing the people at Steam have a more reliable system. Fleetcommand isn't what I wanted, but its still a nice game.

How about you folks see if you can fix the problem before the next Harpoon game comes out.

I find this customer service exerience with you folks to be very dissapointing.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/3/2007 10:42:55 PM)

I worked with the store folks for two days on this and was assured they would be contacting both of you directly to make sure you got your orders placed before the end of the week. I'm extremely disappointed to hear that didn't happen. I'll be back on Monday to handle that personally.

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/17/2007 5:46:20 AM)

Hi Erik,

I see the problem still exists for me.  Both Visa and PayPal aren't working.  Did you find out what the issue was?



Eastern -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/17/2007 3:47:58 PM)

Hay, I am a strategy-gamer from Belgium and I got the same problems about ordering games, I ordered 9 games on the 14/11 and got a confirmation mail back , so everything okay, now I want to check the progress of my order and it seems to be cancelled, without any message from matrix ?? What went wrong ?? not my creditcard thats for sure

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/17/2007 11:11:12 PM)

With me, the problem is with Digital River themselves.  When their system goes to check my credentials, the error comes up.  Since neither the credit card nor the paypal account make it to the end of the payout process, my order comes up as incomplete.

redbear -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 1:01:24 AM)

I have the same problems as you no the credit card neither paypal work when it goes to check the file it comes with an error message it just write down to digital river webhelp@digitalriver.com. it give them the order number and the error number and they fix the order for me so i could pay for the product & download it.

they do not responce right away the take two or three days in some cases to responce but they do it.

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 2:53:31 AM)

Hi Redbear,

Thanks for the response.  I did call the customer service number and had them put the credit card in manually.  And still it did not work.  What made the experience really frustrating was to be told that Digital River did not even know why the order was failing to go through in their system.  To make matters worse, they do not even have a contingentcy system in place if something like this happens.

Eastern -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 2:29:46 PM)

Hi guys , I think I still got a slightly different^problem then RedBear , cause I have no problem with Digital River, they are standing by to billing my credit card , but they only do that when the order is shipped, so my order is cancelled by matrix themselves !! Now Erik Rutins has contacted me and will look into it, so hopefully ?? But isnt it strange that there so many problems with this the past period ?? I have ordered many times with Amazon and never had problems !! And I think we are only the tip of the iceberg, we have come forward with our problem, many others dont and never order again with matrix[&:]

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 4:45:49 PM)

Hi Eastern,

I had originally decided to stop complaining about this issue until the next Harpoon came out.  Then a new Close Combat game came along...Sigh, so now I must have that as well.

I understand how you feel.  I too have picked up several games on other sites and never had this problem.  Heck, I picked up TOAW III through Matrix not too long ago and the process ran without a hitch. 

No one likes being left in the dark, wondering what the issue is.  But the way I see it, our choices are find another game, wait for Matrix to identify and fix the problem, come up with a contingency payment site or hope the game companies offer another way to buy their games besides through Matrix.

You folks at Matrix/Digital River have proved to be a real disappointment so far with this issue.  Am I really going to have order these games by check?

*** Update ***
My brother just came by and offered me one of his cards to try. Sure enough, his card worked. Now I have CC. Yeah!

So how about finding out what the problem is before the next Harpoon comes out. I would prefer not having to ask my brother for his credit cards everytime I want to order a game from you.


Eastern -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 8:20:58 PM)

Hi, friend , latest news, today I got a message in from matrix to place a new order instead of the old one, I tried but now I got an error message (30024003-0) in when finishing my secure order, what the hell is going on ?? (Also today I ordered with Paradox games , no problem at all !! ) Now I complained with DigitalRiver, keep you informed

robot -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 10:09:40 PM)

You guys think you got problems I paid the extra 10.00 so I could download and begin to play civil war blue and grey right away. But I did not get a email with my serial number had to wait the extra days until I got the hard copy anyways. What I would like to know is what or where did my extra dollers go to. If all this mess up with your orders or mine makes me think it might be more reliable to purchase some where else in the future.

Thats my observations on this and all the problems I see on this forum in ordering a game from matrix. I have been into spwaw for close to 10 years now and been on there forum for near the same time. But this and all the problems I see makes me rethink on how reliable matrix is in dealing with there customers.

I live on social security and i will be 80 in just a couple of years. 10.00 does not seem like much but that made the game over 80 dollers to purchase. Makes me wonder if this game could possibly be worth this much. I live on social security and this was a hell of an expense for me. At least all you lost was more time in being able to play. Not the extra expense of buying the game and still also not being able to play the game earlier as planed.

Erik Rutins -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/18/2007 10:48:58 PM)

Ok folks, first of all let me address a few things...

1. As far as I know, we've worked with each of you to resolve your issues or if they were not resolvable, given a reason why. If any of you are still experiencing issues, drop us a line at erikr@matrixgames.com and also support@matrixgames.com. I reply to all e-mails I receive, if you have not received a reply, 99% of the time it means the e-mail did not arrive. Once in a while I overlook one or my spam filter catches it.

2. The vast majority of orders are going through without any issues whatsoever. I know it's no fun to be the exception, but unfortunately you guys are the exception. I've been concerned that there might have been some new overly strict fraud policy put in place by DR to cause these issues or that the incidence of ordering issues was increasing. In fact, according to their statistics, it's as low as ever. We've heard over and over from folks that our store is one of the easiest to deal with - I realize this is not the case as far as your orders go, but I hope it will be that way for you in the future as well.

3. In the case of Eastern, I first became aware of the problem yesterday (a Saturday). DR and I worked to resolve it over the weekend. I'm still working on it now, but it appears to boil down to the billing address as entered not matching that provided back by the customer's bank. That's out of our control, unfortunately - but I hope you appreciate that you didn't have to wait until Monday for some attention. In the case of Robot, I think it took a couple of days to resolve and at the end you told me you were "very happy" with our support. To be clear, you didn't pay $10 extra to play it right away - the $10 extra is for the physical copy, the download only option is actually cheaper and the problem actually came down to a serial number issue which we resolved as soon as we possibly could.

Finally, this is not an official support forum and it would also be a mistake to draw conclusions based on posts here. There are many, many, many orders that go through every day without a single problem or issue. While we are concerned to solve any and all issues that come up and want EVERY ONE of our customers to have a completely problem-free ordering experience, please realize that there is no actual statistical increase in problems that we can discern and each of you seem to be experiencing a different specific issue with the store.


- Erik

Eastern -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/19/2007 12:02:19 AM)

Hi guys, latest development, you can say what you want but I got a first-class support these last days, Erik Rutins is the man and I am sure when he gets his teeth in it our problems will be solved. At this moment I am not sure my problem is past time but it sure looks good, and I am also sure whenever I want to buy a game from matrix I will be remembering his hard work (even on saturday and sunday) Thanks a lot Erik

memman -> RE: Order Payment Process Down? (11/19/2007 1:27:01 AM)

Alright Erik, I sent an e-mail directly to you.  This is my second to you (the first was 10/31).

Please note, to this point the only time anyone has responded to me on this issue is through this forum.  And that was you on 11/3, when you were going to look into this personally. 

You mention that we are the exception.  Well I would like to know exactly what that exception is in my case.  I mean we are talking about an issue with both a credit card and PayPal account.  And the card has been used to purchase products on your site before.

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