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ab5000 -> Small scenarios (8/21/2007 4:52:17 AM)

Hey folks, I haven't had much time to play (been on the road for business) and still new to JTCS. Soooo, does anyone have any small 1 - 3 level scenarios they want played - especially for interesting units! Campaigns are tough for me cause of time so scenarios are great.

Any thoughts?

Noypi53 -> RE: Small scenarios (8/21/2007 3:52:57 PM)

I'm new with MCS, too, although I had East Front II many years ago.  You could try the Boot Camp scenarios & the tutorial scenarios.  It's a pity that the manual does not have the tutorial pages for WF & RS.  They help a lot in understanding the game & getting you started.

Also read the AARs.  They are very informative about the gameplay.  The ongoing Sealion LCG AAR of Juggalo is a great read!

I was able to load the Campaign Series on the company laptop [:-] just for those business trips.

Goos luck with the game!


1925frank -> RE: Small scenarios (8/21/2007 5:05:16 PM)

For complexity levels 1 to 3, I think your choices will be limited.  Any choice at that level will play very quickly.  If you move to complexity 4 or 5, you will have more scenarios to chose from, and by looking at the number of turns in the scenario, you can get an idea how long it will take to play, but even at that level, it's not going to be overly complex.  I think you're safe with any pick.  There's a thread regarding the Burma Railway in Rising Sun that everyone seemed to enjoy. 

Arizonus -> RE: Small scenarios (8/21/2007 6:08:53 PM)

The "Boot Camp" commentaries and instructions are buried in the game files, but they are available for each game; in WF or RS they are called bootcamp.doc and in EF called bootski-camp.doc

AZKGungHo -> RE: Small scenarios (8/21/2007 6:36:23 PM)

I'm with you - I love the small guys - which is why I designed smaller ones. You might try the Wargamers scenario section and see what they've got in smaller ones.

Great things come in small packages!

1925frank -> RE: Small scenarios (8/21/2007 7:18:34 PM)

That's a great suggestion. 

I've downloaded scenarios off of Wargamer before, and the quality can vary radically. 

There are hundreds of scenarios, and I think you have to read through each posting to get an idea of the size of the scenario.

If you've got recommendations for small scenarios to download off of Wargamer, that would be tremendously helpful.

I prefer the small scenarios too.

I think any scenario played off the Matrix Edition will be good.  Some you'll like more than others.  Some may be too easy for your liking.  Some will be frustratingly hard.  But all will be at least interesting.

big dawg -> RE: Small scenarios (8/22/2007 4:51:02 AM)

Hi guys. I got a question. Do y'all play via email (PBEM) or just against the AI?

I played the series for years against the AI, then started playing PBEM at The Blitz war club in Dec 2003. It is so much fun. There are guys who will help you if you need help. Please consider it. We always need new players & many time "rookies" will leave a post asking to play against a fellow newbie. A vet will offer suggestions and play for a tie. I have met some great guys from all over the world at the site.

Here are a couple small WF scenarios that play well against a human. Not sure how they play via AI.

Kucher's Ragtag Circus
A Small Bridge
Task Force Lovelady
Still Full Of Fight

I will think about the EF games.

Good luck! Jack

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