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Huskalator -> Demo Questions (7/28/2007 5:58:44 PM)

I haven't played a DB game since Korsun and I'm looking to catch up on the series. I downloaded the demo to get a feel for the game again see how the engine has passed the test of time and I am having enormous troubles with the Bulge scenario.

Did the allied 106th get beefed up considerably? They just keep hanging around. Its a pain in the arse. I seem to recall long ago I could eliminate the entire division on the first turn with no trouble at all. Have my skills(which were never that good to begin with) degraded this much over time?

One thing I have never gotten a hang of is mobility in this game. I can defend decent but my attacks usually fail miserably against competent opponents.

I can't seem to balance arty with movement points. I hate to waste all that shift power but putting giant pot holes in the roads doesn't do me any good either. Any advice?

JSS -> RE: Demo Questions (7/29/2007 3:42:44 PM)

Game is very much improved in terms of depth and key elements. Movement, supply, and impact of unit quality are dramatically upgraded for BII & BiN...

The scenario itself is much improved so, when combined with game engine improvements/advances, you cannot use the same basic war plan of TAO3.

Mobility is certainly the key to doing well as the Axis in TAO3 - TAO5. Understanding how you get and burn OPs is the key.

Early on the Axis artillery provides a significant tactical shift. Use when you need it to get the combat situation you desire (i.e. the odds that suit your intent); if you don't need to fire the artillery as the Axis, then move it. Try to use 3/4, move 1/4 from turn 2 on as the Axis.

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