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Gunter_Viezenz -> Large Battle (8.403) (6/10/2007 11:00:31 PM)

Running 8.403 with also running a mod if it makes a difference.(1st time)

Large battle with the max number of points available.

I am Germany, mid-late war. Meeting engagement or delaying action by Germans.

Everything else is up to you, it is my first time playing online so I would prefer someone experienced to help set up.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/11/2007 2:00:43 AM)


Have you installed the Enhanced DVRN mod?  Enhanced DVRN is based on 8.403, and Enhanced DVRN improves many aspects of the game.  I enjoy 20,000 points battles and I'm experienced with PBEM.

If you install Enhanced DVRN, then we can discuss a possible 20,000 point Meeting Engagement somewhere in the June-Sept 1944 period which is my favorite period to play PBEM. 


Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/11/2007 1:28:08 PM)

Alright lemme check which mod I have installed if its not the one you have I will try to download it.

I just checked and I have enhanced DV not Enhanced DVRN. I guess I will have to download it tonight when I get home.

Korpraali V -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/11/2007 8:38:12 PM)

And one more hooked to Enhanced...

Excellent work, vahauser! [;)]

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/11/2007 11:27:09 PM)

So is enhanced DV compatable with Enhanced DVRN?

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 12:20:43 AM)


I think that in theory Enhanced DV is compatible with Enhanced DVRN, but since the names and spellings are different I'd prefer that we both used Enhanced DVRN.  That way the names and spellings will be identical.

Alby -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 12:25:55 AM)

you guys would get a security violatio message if one used DV and the other DVRN
only difference is names and spelling, so  it could be done, but would be confusing in my book.

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 12:42:08 AM)

I am downloading it right now it should take about 2 more minutes, is there anything else I need?

LOL forgot where I put the other folder for DV.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 2:34:05 AM)


I'd like to arrange this game as equitably as we can.  You have chosen first, and chosen the Germans.  That is fine with me.  I want to give you another choice.  You can choose from a menu of nations to play against.  From the following, you can choose your opponent:  US Army, Canadian Army, Soviet Army.  The choice is yours and I will play whichever of those three nations you select for me.

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 3:11:10 AM)

What are you talking about Canada didn't have an army they just sent a lumberjack [:)] (little joke)

I guess I would like to fight US as I am too afraid to face the SPGs of Russia.

BTW are we gonna do this online togethor or through email? I have pretty bad weird restriction and ussualy on for 2 hour periods.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 3:29:39 AM)


With a game of this size, PBEM (email) is probably best.

Okay, US Army vs. German Army it is.

Let's work out the details of the Preferences, okay?

General Preferences First?

As far as I know, the only General Preferences that really matter to both sides in a PBEM are: Weather/Terrain FX, Rarity, True Troop, and Victory Frontage.  The other General Preferences can be set by each player without affecting the other player.  I suggest Weather/Terrain FX ON, True Troop ON, and Victory Frontage ON.  As far as Rarity goes, I don't care one way or the other.  What do you think?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 1:13:50 PM)

I donno I would keep it on but thats just I am too lazy to change my settings. [;)]

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 2:38:44 PM)

Okay.  Weather and Terrain FX ON, True Troop ON, Rarity ON, Victory Frontage ON.

Now let's discuss the Realism Settings. 
Here are my suggestions, but I don't have strong feelings one way or the other: Country Training ON, National Characteristics ON, Command/Control doesn't matter to me, Limited Intel ON, Unit Comm ON, Move & Fire ON, Morale ON, Mines doesn't matter to me, Reduced Ammo ON, Reduced Squads ON, Vehicle Breakdowns ON, Weapon Breakdowns ON.

What do you think?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 10:00:57 PM)

Sounds good, I would prefer Command/Control off as I have trouble commanding with it on.  Mines aren't really part of my engagement plan but we can leave them on.

If you have xfire it would speed up this process although it dosen't work with the game.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/12/2007 11:34:55 PM)

Okay.  Country Training ON, National Characteristics ON, Command/Control OFF, Limited Intel ON, Unit Comm ON, Move & Fire ON, Morale ON, Mines OFF, Reduced Ammo ON, Reduced Squads ON, Vehicle Breakdowns ON, Weapon Breakdowns ON.

Now let's discuss Player Settings.
The following suggestions are based on the settings used by the SPWAW Depot Academy Combat League:  Spotting 80%, Hitting 100%, Rout/Rally 100%, Troop Quality XXX, Tank Toughness 100%, Inf Toughness 100%, Battle Points 20000, Air Sections XXX, Max Formations XXX, Arty vs Soft 120%, Arty vs Armor 120%, Spec Op Fire 100%

What do you think?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 2:05:18 AM)

I think it is all good I just have to adjust some of my settings.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 3:06:02 AM)

Okay. Here is what we have so far:


vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 3:09:07 AM)

Now letís discuss Battle Conditions.

Date: I suggest any date from June 1944 to May 1945
Visibility: I suggest 20 hexes
Game Length: I suggest 20 Turns
Map Size: I suggest Large
Battle Time: I suggest daytime
Weather: I suggest good weather
Commando Operations: Your thoughts?
Airborne Operations: Your thoughts?
Airstrikes: Your thoughts?
Requesting Reinforcements: Your thoughts?
Force Composition Limits/Restrictions: Your thoughts?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 10:30:25 PM)

No commando or airborn operation.
Airstrikes on
No reinforcements 20,000 points should provide enough
as large a force the game can handle

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 11:06:13 PM)

Commando Operations not allowed.
Airborne Operations not allowed.
Airstrikes allowed.
Reinforcements not allowed.

What about force composition limits and/or restrictions?† Your thoughts?

EDIT: Also, what about:

Date? I suggest any date from June 1944 to May 1945
Visibility? I suggest 20 hexes
Game Length? I suggest 20 Turns
Map Size? I suggest Large
Battle Time? I suggest daytime
Weather? I suggest good weather
Your thoughts?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 11:08:12 PM)

No restrictions on force. Is there a certain place that I can turn on/off the airborne/commando operations or is that just set just for a certain battle/campaign?

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/13/2007 11:12:36 PM)

No.  Commando and Airborne operations have to be agreed on before the game, there are no settings for that.  The players have to decide before the game.

Also, it is customary to discuss force limits and restrictions.  Many players like to limit the amount of armor or artillery, etc.  Do you have any preferences regarding this?

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/14/2007 12:28:52 AM)

Well this will probably ruin my surprise but I would prefer not to limit artillery or armour. Which I think is a give away to what I have planned.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/14/2007 3:17:48 AM)

Okay.† But I think most people would agree with me when I say that the Americans have the strongest artillery in SPWAW.† If you are sure about wanting no force restrictions, then I won't mention it again.† All I can say is that if I was playing against the Americans, then I would want some kind of limit on artillery. EDIT: Just so you know, a "standard" limit on artillery for a Meeting Engagement (based on the SPWAW Depot Academy Combat League) would be about 20%, or 4,000 points in a 20,000 point battle. 4,000 points would limit the Americans to around 20 battalions of artillery support. Like I said, I'll be happy to play without artillery limits as the Americans, but I wouldn't feel like I was being fair to you if I didn't at least try to explain what I think you are getting yourself into.

Also, we still have to decide:

Date?† I suggest any date from June 1944 to May 1945
Visibility?† I suggest 20 hexes
Game Length?† I suggest 20 Turns
Map Size?† I suggest Large
Battle Time?† I suggest daytime
Weather?† I suggest good weather
Your thoughts?

sabrejack -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/14/2007 3:57:48 PM)

Hi guys,

Not wanting to interrupt what appears to be a very productive conversation here, but just a reminder that if you leave Rarity ON, you might get some very unusual limits on the forces you're able to pick from. For example in a recent game where I accidentally set rarity to ON, I wasn't able to purchase infantry... which makes for quite an unusual force composition.

Of course, you may want this sort of game, but my suggestion would be to set TRUE TROOP ON / RARITY OFF.

Again, sorry for any unwanted interruption.

Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/14/2007 11:24:26 PM)

Everything sounds good to me but I guess we could limit the artillery, I must admit I am not a big fan of using it.

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/15/2007 1:20:15 AM)


You said it all sounds good.  Does that mean you want to turn Rarity OFF based on what Sabrejack said?

I need some specific choices from you.  If we limit artillery, then what limit do you want?

Also, I need some specific answers:

Date?  I suggest any date from June 1944 to May 1945
Visibility?  I suggest 20 hexes
Game Length?  I suggest 20 Turns
Map Size?  I suggest Large
Battle Time?  I suggest daytime
Weather?  I suggest good weather

I need your choices here.

Alby -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/15/2007 1:31:12 AM)



Gunter_Viezenz -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/15/2007 2:03:19 AM)

Keep Rarity on
June 44
Visibility 20 hexes
Game Length 25 Turns
Map Size Large
Battle Time daytime
good weather

vahauser -> RE: Large Battle (8.403) (6/15/2007 2:05:53 AM)

Okay.  One last detail and then we can start to set up the actual game.  If you want to limit artillery (entirely up to you), then what limit do you want?  Tell me what you want to do, and then we can get this game going.

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