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cesteman -> Question about Blockade Runners (4/14/2007 8:28:15 AM)

Being new to the game, I haven't had enough time to read the whole manual just basic stuff. I was wondering how/where to place them to get the best use out of them. I always thought that they should stay in place when they start the game but while playing the USA against the AI I noticed that their moved into the Atlantic. My last question regards replacements. If their lost is it for good? Do more show up later in the game? Thanks for any replies!

Gil R. -> RE: Question about Blockade Runners (4/14/2007 8:36:39 AM)

I don't get what you mean about replacements being lost. Please elaborate.

As for runners, if playing the CSA you've absolutely got to move them -- they're a key source of income and resources. They're incredibly easy to use, since you just click on one and then can see which sea zones have shipments to target. In fact, a good strategy as the CSA is to build a third fleet in the first turn or two, so that one can more quickly increase what one brings in, and also have insurance in case one of the runners is destroyed.

cesteman -> RE: Question about Blockade Runners (4/14/2007 10:38:35 AM)

Thanks for the info I think you answered my question about lost Blockade runners. I was wondering if more become available later in the game without having to buy them.

Gil R. -> RE: Question about Blockade Runners (4/14/2007 8:18:48 PM)

Oh, replacement runners! Gotcha. We use the term "replacements" to refer to the men produced by camps and sent to depleted brigades, thus my confusion. Yes, you have to build them.

cesteman -> RE: Question about Blockade Runners (4/15/2007 12:06:52 AM)

Gotcha [:D]

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