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Joe D. -> RIP MoH "UV" Hero (3/24/2007 3:28:42 PM)

Former Army Air Corps bomber pilot Jay Zeamer, Jr. has just died. He was 88.

If that name doesn't sound familiar, he won the Medal of Honor flying a recon mission over Buka in June '43. In UV, Buka (coordinates 26,30) is worth 60 points and is located at the northern tip of Bougainville.

Zeamer's B-17 -- dubbed "Old 666" -- fought-off 20 fighters from Buka airfield during a 40 minute dogfight that destroyed at least 5 enemy planes. Zeamer's bombadier -- who shot-down two planes until he collapsed on his guns -- was awarded the MoH posthumously.

Zeamer's recon mission was in prep for an invasion of Buka.
In UV, I often skip the well-defended Shortland and take Buka instead; it gives the Allies a strangle-hold on any supply going to Shortland and also threatens Rabaul w/fighter-bombers.

nelmsm1 -> RE: RIP MoH "UV" Hero (3/24/2007 11:40:43 PM)

I believe the did a "Dogfights" show on this mission in the History Channel series. Quite a remarkable story.

Joe D. -> RE: RIP MoH "UV" Hero (3/24/2007 11:56:59 PM)

The History Channel did recreate Zeamer's fight (by CG) for "Dogfights" as well as other aerial action from the Solomons.

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