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Comrade_Blabsky -> Vietnam mod for Cross of Iron (3/22/2007 4:52:16 AM)

In testing now, so here's a little info:

Tombstone's Vietnam mod for CC3 is the basis for the Cross of Iron Vietnam mod. From the original readme:

Well the mod is finally done. It took along time to make and it had many delays but I think it is well worth the what. I would like to take this time to thank the following people for their help because with out them I would still be doing this mod by myself.

Zonbie: Shadows, and tech help
AnzFuture: Web page
Naked Foot: Paddy & Plei Me map
Das_Fuchs: Vehicle images
Frantz: Swamp Map
George Thanos: Terrain file & Element file

Also I would like to thank all the people who made the tools for editing Close Combat 3 because with out them none of this would be possible and for Ryan Ross for making his web page because with out it we would never have gotten together.

The version went to 1_2 pretty quickly, especially with the change in the M79 weapon. After the time Ron Gretz's Pacific mod was released, some of us turned our attention to updating Vietnam with lessons learned. There were some bugs in command refit, unit availability, the MG refit crash, as well as new terrain developed for Pac and new Elements version. The teams were somewhat reworked because the command refit path was totally redone to follow the original CC3 path. This caused the elimination of some redundant types and allowed the creation of some newer small teams. This became version 1_3, still available for dl for CC3. There was still an issue with uniform color restricting the proper use of the rank mechanism, and there was a color mod issued, along with some experimental submods that actually formed the basis for the new Cross of Iron variant.

Under Schrecken's guidance, the exe was redone for uniform color and text messages after he had ported the CC3 mod version into Cross of Iron. Then, the teams were more carefully schemed with the rank system of the game engine. Some more new teams were added, at the expense of more redundant ones. Also included is the 2003 soldiers.txt, which gives heavier MACV infantry a little more protection (FlakJacket file).

Tombstone's Vietnam mod was designed to include most of the units from the conflict, and has some very heavy firepower. There are definitely weapons, such as the heavy mortars, that have little excuse to be on a CC map, IMHO. However, the only things missing from Tombstone's original lineup of teams are units such as ROK heavy mortars, maybe an ATG or two, units that were nationality variants duplicated in the mod numerous times. These were sacrificed to provide room for some important command path additions, and some small teams were fit in to provide starter units in the refit path for infantry. There is a lot of variety in this mod on the MACV side. On the NVA/VC side, the updated mod includes some sapper demo squads, without flamethrowers that can refit to the 2-FT squads at Capt rank. Over 82mm mortars are available at Lt. rank. The heaviest mortars are available at Capt. rank. The armor (T-54's, SU-100's, command tanks, etc) is only available at Spring 1969 Capt rank. (Exception is some PT-76's during Winter 1968.) There are still lots of rockets, heavy mortars, the B-11 and lesser RR's, and HMG bunkers to struggle against the massive MACV firepower.

Personally, I would like to thank Schrecken et al. for moving Vietnam mod into the Cross of Iron era. For the last few years, CC3 Vietnam was periodically a touchstone for me....past some of the excesses, the mod is particularly suited to how the game engine runs small unit infantry tactics on good maps.

Comrade_Blabsky -> Correction Update (3/30/2007 6:20:05 AM)

Took out the 30 cal's from USMC and USA (still in other forces...).  Re-did much of the rarity for both sides, much of it to correct unnecessary overlap on the refit path.  This also improves historical force pool with less early units showing up in later years.  Tidied up some of the descriptions.

No exe or anything else changed from last plugin received from Schrecken (some hex-text changes suggested).

Comrade_Blabsky -> RE: Correction Update (4/2/2007 10:28:32 PM)

Spaces in results texts evened out.  "/" added to all NVA VC references.  "MACV Ldr" and " Giap " on commander names changed to "MACV/RVN" and "NVA/VC" (no room for DRV/NLF).  So there is a new exe, will be Apr 2-dated if no more changes.

More rarity changes to heaviest weapons.  Another set of historical rarity fixes I missed the first time.

If I don't find anything wrong, I will submit to Schrecken.

Louis Jones -> RE: Correction Update (5/5/2007 5:45:14 AM)

The soldier sprite colors look outstanding Comrade. Very good job with them.[&o]

Louis Jones -> RE: Correction Update (5/5/2007 5:51:53 AM)

I would however request a 60m mortar for the usmc.  I am tired of borrowing from the boys down under.
I would at times like to have a force of just marines to include a 60.

Comrade_Blabsky -> RE: Correction Update (5/6/2007 4:51:46 PM)

Jonzie, I am messing with the teams again per this request.  I noticed that Aussies were the only 60's.  There's really too many big mortars for my taste anyway--maybe a few less versions of those can free up slots for different versions of the 60's.

This may be up to Schrecken, if one last version should be done. (The last version I submitted has the April dates on exe and teams.)  I'm already deep into Pacmod adaptation, but I can produce a GETeams for Nam this weekend on this issue. And the Infantry version will have to be redone to match the full version.

Would like some more feedback to avoid releasing something that would require a patch. 

crazyeddie01 -> RE: Correction Update (8/18/2007 2:55:53 AM)

Hi Blabs !!!!! Long time from our last battle :)
And be for sure, the 1st thing after dl this game, was installing your terrific nam mode.... i missed those mosquitos around my head.
Ok Comrade. i'm around here again... nice to read about you.

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