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Kai -> Any way to dictate the outcome of a battle? (1/27/2007 8:33:39 PM)

I'm always on the look-out for a game that I can use in conjunction with miniatures.

Is there any way to edit/modify the outcome of a battle in this game?

If so, it seems like it would make a nice PBEM campaign system for occasional use with fighting miniature battles.

I could just play the game PBEM until an interesting force match-up occurred. Then, we could resolve that battle with miniatures, and modify the outcome of the computer generated results to comport with the outcome of the miniatures battle.

Anyone know if this is possible? How hard is it to edit the in-game information to accomplish this result?

Pocus -> RE: Any way to dictate the outcome of a battle? (1/31/2007 11:48:41 AM)

This would need a whole new module in the code, as I don't think you can easily tweak the save files by themselves. On the other hand you can create new events very easily that remove or add units, but I'm unsure it will be useful in this context.

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