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Houtje -> attacking a fort (1/19/2007 3:37:40 PM)

Started playing my 1st game as union, with most advanced options on and 5th difficulty level (sergeant major?). I invaded charleston with an inf. division and an upgraded siege gun (siege bonus 9 I think) and besieged ft. sumter. I wanted to decide the issue before the South could reinforce and break the siege and chose to attack the fort. When my first inf. brigade moved to within 5 or 6 hexes of the fort, it was blasted for 532 casualties and I decided a withdrawal was in order. Two questions: 1. siege guns do not play a role in HW? my unit was not represented in the HW battle. (I think this was discussed before, but I couldn't find it anymore) 2. are these casualty rates to be expected from a level III fort, which I suppose ft. sumter is? As it was the second turn of the game, the AI would not have had time to upgrade their Improvised guns, right?

Hard Sarge -> RE: attacking a fort (1/19/2007 3:53:14 PM)

Welcome to Forts :)

first I think Fort Sumter has better guns, but depends on which battle you were playing (the July or Standard)

yes, Seige guns do not show in HW, only for Seiges (odd unit)

532 at range of 5 ? if you were in line, that was a pretty good shot, but if you were still marching in column, I could see it happening, plus I do not think that is what you should expect to take, it sounds more like a lucky shot

but if you are not ready for them, Forts can be a HARD nut to crack

(what is worse, depending on how the map sets up, most forts will defend each other, so attacking one, will bring part of your attack force with in range of 2 other forts)

Houtje -> RE: attacking a fort (1/19/2007 4:04:09 PM)

yep, they were in column, which might explain their rolling over like tenpins. And like you said, HS, there were multiple forts on the HW-map, making the assault even more suicidal. Anyway, I like the fact that the game makes the taking of fortified places like charleston either a long or a bloody affair (or both) - feels really historically accurate. So I reverted back to 'bombarding' the fort (in a siege - works quite well, with upgraded siege guns, that is).

Hard Sarge -> RE: attacking a fort (1/19/2007 4:14:36 PM)

Roger, once you have a good soild battle worthy force, then you can face off with Forts

which where it gets odd, you can break the walls of the fort, and then the troops inside are no longer with in the fort, and fight normal

even with good troops, they can be bloody

(one of the best anti Fort upgrades is reseaching the Hasty Trench, once you can move close enough and dig in, then it is a more even duel)

one trick here is to rush forward a unit to dig in, and then pull back, so your Arty has a dugout already in place to move into

Houtje -> RE: attacking a fort (1/19/2007 4:41:04 PM)

Thanks, HS, I'll try those tactics, after I've built a qualitatively better force. Until then, I'll stick with smoking them out.

Hard Sarge -> RE: attacking a fort (1/19/2007 4:45:21 PM)

Kewl, hopes it helps

when you got the troops to handle them, Fort attacks are fun, it is like a puzzle

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