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hoki -> Are saved games interchangeable among versions? (7/31/2000 6:18:00 AM)

I currently still have version 2.0 because I once I dled it I never checked back for updates. Now I am into 1942 in the WWII campaign and the game locks up/kicks me out when the Russians try to use Molotov cocktails. I am assuming that the updates fixed this and other problems. However, as I am this far along, I would very much like to continue with my current campaign. My questions are: 1) If I dl and install the update can my saved campaign be continued in the new version unabated or must I start from scratch again? 2) Assuming the answer to 1) is I must start again, are there any work arounds so that I may continue my campaign in version 2.0? 3) What other problems were fixed in the updates?

Paul Vebber -> (7/31/2000 6:41:00 AM)

You should start over whenever you upgrade. At this point I would wait for version 3. You can fix the molotov problem by going in and editing the OOB so the molotov has a 222 in the AP and a 75 in the HEAT slot. AT rifles should have the pen value in the AP slot not the APCR slot.

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