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terje439 -> An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/21/2006 9:04:11 AM)

If you get all correct on this one, you have either taken it before or your knowledge might not be just as great as you think...

Somewhat confused? If so good mission accomplished. The thing is, for a site that wants to make a place for itself within education there are indeed some strange answers in that test. See if you find any [;)]

Neilster -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/21/2006 10:05:43 AM)

I got 46 out of 50 but I think their answer was wrong for 3 of those...questions 4, 29, 46. I got #49 wrong because I was second guessing the quiz and didn't put my first choice.

Cheers, Neilster

SemperAugustus -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/21/2006 2:15:56 PM)

The person who made the quiz doesn't seem to believe that the Soviets were included in the Allies...

terje439 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/21/2006 3:16:06 PM)

amongst other things he does not seem to know were the Battle of the Bulge took place either. And alot of those Qs have multiple answers that all are correct depending on how you see it.

And I had the same Neilster, same result same "incorrect" answers, although as you stated, 3 of the answers they orperate with are completely wrong :)

Kinda shows how much non-serious sites are out there tbh.

donkuchi19 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (11/5/2006 6:19:17 AM)

I scored a 45 out of 50 but it should have been higher.

Question 4 - Norway and Denmark, I consider Western European countries which were invaded before France and Belgium

Question 13 - Depends on how you look at it - Italy was Germany's ally and so was helping not hurting

Question 29 - Japan lost 4 carriers but few other ships at Midway so it would have to be most of its carriers not most of its fleet

Question 31 - I goofed and added Stalin

Question 46 - The Battle of the Bulge was in the Ardennes in Belgium, not in Italy

My Score should have been 49/50 (really 50 if I hadn't goofed but oh well)

FredSanford3 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (6/23/2007 7:54:07 PM)

46/50, but 4, 29, & 46 are indeed incorrectly keyed as already pointed out. I devined what the questioner "wanted" to get for an answer, but I agree that was a "values" question that I thought was inappropriate.  I missed the Tehran conference one, too, so I give myself a 49/50.

Getting back to whether the Italians "helped" or "hurt" the Germans, I'll posit that the Italians could have been an invaluable help to the Germans, had Hitler not been fixated on eastern Europe.  What if the Germans had decided to make a thrust into the imperial British "soft underbelly" via an Italian/Agean>Libya>Egypt>rest of M.E.>potential link up w/ Japan axis of advance? In that case, just Italy's geographical position alone, in allowing an Axis thrust in this direction, would have been a game-maker.

105mm Howitzer -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (8/23/2007 8:02:35 AM)

44/50...But with number 29 and 46 "wrong" ( where they were indeed historically correct), I should have had 46/50...

Arkady -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/4/2007 10:08:17 PM)

question 44 is also wrong, French Mediteranean coast was invaded during August 1944 !

rjh1971 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (10/1/2007 5:02:07 PM)

Question 14 is questionable, answer a is also feasable, nazi propaganda used option a)

Question 18 is imo wrong the central front had the bigest army and that was aimed at taking Moscow, it was after the great successes acomplished by Central Front armies and south front one getting bog down that their main impulse was diverted. Answer could be true for 1942, not '41.

Have my doubts also on question 27, though I don't say taht Midway was a hard blow to Japan, losing 4 carrieres and his experienced pilots. But Guadalcanal was also their Stalingrad.

Question 29, 44 and 46 are definetely wrong, as said above.

Question 44

wworld7 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (10/1/2007 10:40:06 PM)

44 and I made an error with the Tehran conference. Other answers baffle me.

If Japan lost most of her navy in 1942 and Germany attacked during the battle of the bulge to CAPTURE pasta and pizza. I think the war should have been over sooner...

Silly test.

Mobeer -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (11/1/2007 10:56:01 PM)

Question 27 - I went for "(A) The Battle of the Coral Sea" as the turning point in the Pacific. Before this the Japanese were advancing. Then they failed to invade Port Moresby, after which the Allies were advancing.

rictavian -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (2/13/2008 7:12:02 PM)

Yeah, I agree, but #4 did say Western European and not Scandinavian. It fooled me too. But Midway and the Bulge answers are wrong.

Bogo Mil -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (2/20/2008 1:35:53 PM)

The second major Alliied assault was in northern France, the first was in Italy.

The lack of experienced pilots was more critical than the fuel shortages most of the time, even in late '44 and early '45. Germany failed to build enough pilot school capacity, and thus it's pilots were so inexperienced, that the Allies got huge A2A kill ratios and operational losses were horrible, too. If the pilots were better trained, they were much more effective and thus the fuel they had would have been sufficient.

panzers -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (3/15/2008 2:36:18 AM)

I got 44. Obvious, the 3 in question I got wrong, 2 other were a read between the lines kind of question like what was Hitlers mainstrategy in Russia? Yeah, it was Moscow, but they did not mention whether it was beore the invasion or as events occurrred that is why I felt the answer was more appropriate for the Ukraine and southern Russia I.E. the caucusus. The other questionable ones were, since when was Norway not a part of Europe?,
And I didn't know there was a second major invasion in 1945, wasn't that an ongoing invasion?
Oh yeah, I got Italy's role in WWII. I find that one a little hard to belive, but I guess to some extent it was true but their role, ineffective at that, was to help Germany along the Medeteranian front while Hitler focussed eastward. Didn't think I was supposed to state the obvious.
I guess I was thinking it may have been southern France since I wasn't aware of a a second "major" invasion of Europe in 1945.
The one question I consider to have been 100% wrong was the last one. Conferences, conferences, conferences. They had many, so The one thing I knew was that Truman was at the potsdam conference, so I assumed that one to be the one to decide on post war Japan. I guess that opne must have been Yalta, but don't remember on that one

The Bubba -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (6/5/2008 7:21:36 PM)

44 out of 50 :) I just sent this to my best friends to see if they can get it right :D

cantona2 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/1/2008 7:34:49 PM)

44 out of 50 BUT, question 46 is wrong Wacht am Rhine did not take place in northern italy. I also debate question 29, Japan did not lose most of its Pacific Fleet at Midway, rather its carriers. Question 4, Operation Weserebung began in April whereas the attack on France did not begin until may, thats another wrong one which i got right but the damn quiz says im wrong. so in reality 47 out of 50 and ill also debate number 18 about what hitler regarded the most important area of russia. He did focus on the south during Blau, and only the massive encirclement at Kiev made him divert resources south in aug 41 BUT AGC was by far the most powerful army group for Barbarossa making central russia his main objective. Anyhow it was just a game

Rasputitsa -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/22/2008 8:53:31 PM)

46/50, but I am claiming 49/50 as I missed the Tehran Conference. To add to all the earlier queries about the answers, Q 18 is answered by Hitler's Directive 21 on the conduct of Barbarossa 'Only after the fulfilment of this first essential task, which must include the occupation of Leningrad and Kronstadt, will the attack be continued with the intention of occupying Moscow, an important center of communications and of the armaments industry.'. Southern Russia only became the main objective after the failure to win a quick victory in 1941, then required a battle for resources in 1942. The German deployment confirms this emphasis, as Army Group South did not have the power to move much beyond Kiev without the help of PZ Grp II from AG Centre.[:)]

gillmant -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (6/2/2009 2:46:27 PM)

46. Where did the Battle of the Bulge take place?

(A) The Ardennes Forest
(B) In northern Italy, near Milan -----Right answer...but wrong :)
(C) Normandy
(D) In northern Germany, near Hamburg

Crappy quiz...

Crazy Aido -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (6/25/2009 5:57:04 PM)

The battle of the Bulge took place in Milan?


43 out of 50

Mobius -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (8/17/2009 9:41:18 PM)


The Battle of the Coral Sea was a unique naval battle in that.
(C) It was fought entirely with carrier-based aircraft

What? I believe several ships were lost in addition to planes. Did they not fight back against the aircraft?

G.Boggon -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (8/24/2009 12:22:17 PM)


ORIGINAL: rictavian

Yeah, I agree, but #4 did say Western European and not Scandinavian. It fooled me too. But Midway and the Bulge answers are wrong.

Well it was a silly question, But some of Scandinavia if not all is in western Europe so the Denmark Norway looks right to me , but if we take them out of the picture then it would be Belgium and Holland . looking at the quiz makes me think that some one input a wrong digit in the answer .[:)]

GoodGuy -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (10/7/2009 6:30:13 PM)



The second major Alliied assault was in northern France, the first was in Italy.

Correct, but if you stick to the Author's requirement - the year "1945", then it would be an assault on German soil.

While it's not wrong to ask for a major assault that took place in 1945, the author overrates the thrust into the North German plain. Besides the German occupation force in the Netherlands, there were no massive troop concentrations along Germany's coasts and Allied operations were rather a race through the plain than a bloody fight for terrain. The RAD (Reich Labour Service) worked on a couple of bunkers and strongpoints, but these installations or positions mostly remained unmanned.
I'd consider the operations tailored around Operation Plunder (ie. Operation Varsity) to be the major assault, as Plunder aimed to cross the Rhein and to knock out Germany's industrial heart in the (river) Ruhr area, called Ruhrgebiet, surrounding 2 German Armies in the process.


The lack of experienced pilots was more critical than the fuel shortages most of the time, even in late '44 and early '45.

Germany had a serious lack of pilots, but the lack of aviation fuel was way more serious than you think.

Basically, the Germans lived off their stocks of aviation fuel, means they lived off a surplus that was gained before and early in the war, until 1940, and off captured stocks, where the biggest share was looted in France (I think more than 200,000 tons), other stocks had been grabbed in Eastern Europe, as well as in Russia.
The Germans were quite lucky (and glad) that their Blitz in Poland had consumed rather low amounts of aviation fuel.
In turn, with able opponents coming up for the French campaign, the planners still didn't schedule a dramatic (and realistic) increase to a yearly consumption of 2,600,000 tons or even 5,200,000 tons to occur until 1st of October 1940, a fatal error.
Also, with the German motorized and armored units' increasing fuel consumption, the quite flexible refineries seem to have focused on the production of motor gasoline starting in summer 1940, one month after the production of aviation fuel had peaked at 230,000 tons, but which then pushed the aviation fuel output down to some mere 90,000 tons. The planners obviously believed that the fuel stocks wouldn't have to be touched excessively, as the Brits could be toasted within a few months. Another error in thinking. From that point in 1940, monthly fuel production did not match the monthly consumption until mid 1942.

In June 1941, Germany's aviation gas stocks had dropped to around 630,000 tons (from an all-time high of around 680,000 tons) and the monthly consumption of aviation gasoline peaked at around 150,000 tons (this includes the small amount of civil consumption), while the monthly production did not exceed 100,000 tons that same year.

In late August 1942 the monthly consumption peaked at around 160,000 tons, while the production output had barely reached the same amount - 160,000 tons .... but the stocks had dropped to a dramatic low level of 200,000 tons, meanwhile.

The aviation fuel production then dropped tremendously in 1944, a result of the Allied bomber campaign. The production then was way lower than the required supply level, and only Göring's annual plan for 1945/1946 projected a monthly output that would have covered the required consumption. In this case, "required" refers to the number of sorties requested by field commanders or Luftwaffe HQs.
With all these numbers, you should not overrate the fact that even until late 1943/early 1944 the Luftwaffe still had a usable amount of operational aircraft (maybe except for the Russian theater, where the Sovjets had widely gained air superiority). Way more missions could have been flown, if sufficient fuel supplies would have been available. After Kursk, the Squadrons in Russia were rather conspicuous by their absence, not by their presence above Russian soil, and this wasn't just a result of the heavy losses.

The Allied bomber campaign's secondary goal was to wear down the Luftwaffe by forcing them to eat up their fuel reserves and by delivering a fatal blow to their pool of available pilots over the Reich.
The gaps between the total number of serviceable aircraft (with or without fuel), the number of available pilots and the number of operational aircraft (with sufficient fuel) had increased since 1943, with the fuel problem and the aircraft losses in Russia (transport aircraft and fighter/bomber losses) being the most imminent problems, followed by the Fw 190 losses over France. Until Allied long-range fighter escorts came up in early 1944, fighter losses over the Reich could be sustained.

From January to April 1944, an average monthly output of 170,000 tons of aviation fuel could be maintained, but this production rate suddenly dropped to only 52,000 tons in June (within a few weeks only), due to the raids on German refineries. Another series of output losses occured until December 1944 (loss of Rumanian oil fields, additional bombings), where the monthly output had decreased to 26,000 tons.
From May 1944 the stocks had dropped from 570,000 tons (peak) to less than 180,000 tons in December.
The aviation fuel stocks could not be shuffled around to the Squadron commanders' liking, as often fuel reserves had to be held back for nightfighters or for the air support of vital attacks, depriving other sectors or theaters of sufficient fuel supply. And this administration of shortages had to be performed as early as 1942, already.
Also, the transport situation in 1944 had worsened, due to raids on railroad networks and hubs, which turned the distribution of fuel supplies into a tough business. The backbone of the German supply system was the railroad (this goes for all kinds of supplies), not motorized transports. The Luftwaffe was the only branch that was using tank lorries, but these used to reside right at the airfields, usually.

The chief in charge of building up underground facilities for aviation fuel production could not manage to put out more than a few thousand tons, IIRC, until May 1945.

You can review the corresponding production rates in the Army's Strategic Bombing Survey, or in the summary provided by Sturmvogel's website.
The lack of pilots was a serious problem, but the Luftwaffe had to deal with fuel shortages since around 1941/1942 already.

Trainees supposed to be trained to fly the Me 262 usually watched their trainers (or regular pilots) flying the bird, from the ground, due to lack of fuel. The trainees then asked about altitudes and angles for approaches, instructors on the ground (often just mechanics) explained the instruments and controls.

Germany still had quite some Me 109s, Fw 190s and Me 262s, but the majority of these planes were parked on the ground and camouflaged, due to .... guess what ... lack of fuel.

The US Army scrapped an impressive amount of ME 262s and sold them to scrap dealers after the war, they did such a thorough job that they had to bring German engineers to the US when they wanted to build a flying replica (they used a number of original parts, afaik, tho) in 1948, as not a single "american" ME had survived.

Many people don't seem to notice/know these details.

walkermore -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (3/30/2010 1:28:06 PM)

sounds good to me

V22 Osprey -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (7/1/2010 11:07:57 PM)

Funny....thisis the type of tests we took on the AP test this fact in AP Euro we used that site to review and study....I didn't feel like taking another history after take 80+ question unit tests like this all year. However, question 29 and 46 was ludicrous at best. I can't even imagine how much of these errors were on the AP Test.

#46 is summed up well by Dr. Cox:

I have to tell you guys though, remember these test are made for just what they teach in school. Yes, AP classes go deeper, but never on the level of actually going out and reading a book. In fact this year in AP Euro we didn't even go over battles, and there was absolutely no mention of Kursk. Anyone from my class would be absolutely clueless about numbers 38-41. EDIT: Add, 16, 17, 19, 22 also. There wasn't any mention of these things in AP this year.

Phatguy -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/16/2010 4:26:17 AM)

Twice I contacted them to correct the mistakes...Both times, nothing...Happily, I went with this to the board and we will not be using any info on this site for our school..Working on getting the district involved.....

jomni -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (9/16/2010 6:08:30 AM)

Sometimes referred to as the "Little Battle of the Buldge"

shauny1987 -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (11/13/2010 3:17:44 AM)

You got 44 out of 50 correct. (That's 88%.)

pfft, pretty crap i know :D

Panama -> RE: An online WWII Quiz...but... (12/9/2010 12:18:51 AM)

The quiz is broken. You mark the correct answer and it says you marked a differnt one. [:D]

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