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rcleslie -> A playbook problem. (8/16/2006 11:52:05 PM)

This is probably old news to everyone, but if not....

1. I have played over 20 partial quick games and have yet to see: a. an interception, b. a missed kicked PAT, and c. a missed field goal.

2. The other day I attempted to delete some plays from a particular play book. I clicked "yes" to delete each play from the book and then "no" to not delete them from all other books. I then checked and found that even though I had checked "no" the plays had been deleted from all other play books. Of course the plays were still available to copy and paste back into the plays folder and I was able to fix everything. This does seem to be a glitch, however. I do realize that the PDS is under considerable revision and that this and other problems will no doubt be addressed.

3. I would like to add that the ability to querry the game's creator as well as experienced gamers through these forums is a real boon to newbies like myself. I am not really much of a gamer, just a retired football nut having a blast with his computer. I thank you all!

dreamtheatervt -> RE: A playbook problem. (8/17/2006 12:47:53 AM)

1a) I've seen interceptions and fumbles. It's a function of the defense being played. That said, most of my picks hae been by linebackers jumping crossing routes of WR's.

b) Missed PAT's are rare at the D-I level and above. I would fathom that I could watch 100 pro football games (on average 15 games a week in the NFL) and not see a missed PAT.

c) I can't speak to this, because in my quick games (I'm waiting for the next release to start a league) I haven't seen many FG attempts. That said, I think the kicking accuracy on kickoffs is too poor, as too many kicks seem to go OOB. Hopefully someone else can agree or disagree with you on this one.

2) I hope the new PDS in the next release will give us better play management ability (save/rename/delete plays from the PDS). I still think it would be a very useful idea to be able to create subfolders we can save plays directly to, and creating separate offense and defense playbooks/profiles to make it easier to mix and match when creating the other teams' playbooks.

3) Agreed!

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