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Erik Rutins -> Blitzkrieg Reviews (8/9/2006 11:16:02 PM)

Some Player Reviews from

(5 Stars) Being skeptical as to how realistic this might be, I am overwhelmed by this game. It is addictive, but also very accurate. If one knows WW2 history, one can try different strategies and see how they may have panned out. You can play the Allies, Axis, or Soviets, depending on the scenario - and there are many scenarios, so you won't get bored.

The thrill of stopping Barbarossa in its tracks by using a tactic the Russians used in 1812 vs Napoleon, and then actually advancing through Poland and Hungary/Romania was something. Given that I was crushed the previous time, it showed that sometimes, military strategy alters world events.

(5 Stars) The AI is also well schooled in Blitzkrieg. When a weakness in the enemy lines/units is sense, it is rapidly exploited.

Blitzkrieg is easily comparible to Panzer General (an old but excellent PC game) and the board game Axis and Allies as far as enjoyment and depth of play. If you enjoy either of these two games, or other turn based strategy games, I suggest you chech this one out. I recommend reading the manual before playing even the demo. It's more than just toe - toe combat. You get bonuses for defending in moutains/cities, moral and experience of troops, attacking units in the rear etc. A two player option would have been nice as humans are always more fun to battle than AI, but even without this feature it's still a first rate game and worth the price.

(5 Stars) Wow, you do not know how excited I was to find a turn based war game finally show up for my Palm...and a quality one at that! For a a product that has just been released it is amazingly bug free and full featured, the future looks bright. Buy this game and support its future develpment...I will be! War Game Fans if only some one would develope a squad level turn based war game...I would be in heaven.

(5 Stars) Excellent game for the price, the play is interesting and the computer's stragegy is advanced enough to make the game very challenging.

(5 Stars) Fun program and very challenging. My hat is off to the developer who provides first rate support if there is a problem.

weaslex -> RE: Blitzkrieg Reviews (8/20/2006 4:43:59 AM)

I LOVE BLITZRIEG!!! I give it two thumbs way up.

Pros- Graphics are very nice, it really seems like a WWII enviornment!!! Gameplay is awsome too, and the controlls are very responcive. Finally theirs the historical referance which is on par! (example) When fighting the polish army with PZ II's against 7TP's your gonna get a whoopin'!

Con's- I only have on con for a game as great as this, which should be improved upon. It seems everyone is a crak shot at this game, no one miss's, especially against infantry. This is the only unrealistic thing about this game, other than that everything is really cool.
Keep up the good work guys!!! I am not worthy! [&o]

Destroyer -> RE: Blitzkrieg Reviews (9/2/2006 1:21:54 AM)

[:D] I bought this game a while back form Playtek, first the older version and then wrote Playtek and recieved a code to upgrade the new version from the demo version for free. An excellet game, great for on the go or waiting at the Doctors office. I have an HP pocket PC and have not had any problems yet, I would recommend it to the War gamer who can never have enough.
Matrix definately has a winner with this title.

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