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Epicurius -> Command and Control Problem! (7/24/2000 11:31:00 PM)

I really like the new command and control feature. I do have a problem though. I hope someone out there is kind enough to help me out. There are times that I have had a unit that strayed away from it higher HQ but had a radio. Though he had a radio, he still could not move. Is there a proximity to the radio? I would think not, but who knows. There is probably an easy answer to this one, but there are times that it gets a little frustating.

Raindem -> (7/24/2000 11:49:00 PM)

I too have had radio equipped units lose touch with their superior. I haven't heard of any range issues involving use of a radio. But I think just because a unit has a radio, it doesn't guarantee it will stay in contact. I'm sure there are a lot of variables that go into contact being established and maintained. RD

Wild Bill -> (7/24/2000 11:57:00 PM)

Indeed there are, Raindem. A unit's personal status can affect communication, suppression, etc. Many factors come into play. And this mirrors actual combat again. It is that element of "no guarantees" that has always both plagued and blessed commanders through centuries of war...Wild Bill ------------------ In Arduis Fidelis Wild Bill Wilder Coordinator, Scenario Design Matrix Games

Paul Vebber -> (7/26/2000 2:35:00 AM)

IF a unit is in contact "by radio" there is a chance that he has to "get the ionosphere off his darn radio" to paraphrase Carroll O'Connor in Kelly's Heroes:-) You can go to the force status screen (the little "piece of paper" icon and those units out of command and control are in red.

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