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rcleslie -> Installing play books (6/15/2006 3:53:03 AM)

I have downloaded play books (e.g., college2)to my desktop, but cannot seem to get them into the game. I can move the folder into the MF directory but it doesn't show up in the utilities so that I can import plays to another playbook, etc. This is most likely due to my basic ignorance of folder and file maneuvers. Could someone patient gamer provide me with a step by step how to?

Thanks from a geezer!

Deltadog -> RE: Installing play books (6/15/2006 5:39:42 AM)

Plays and playbook files go in the folder under Max Foot ball named Plays.  If they are in that folder the game and utilities will see them.

David Winter -> RE: Installing play books (6/15/2006 7:46:51 AM)


Deltadog could be correct. I do not know how these plays were exported out of the game and put on the website.

Try using Windows copy/paste to copy all the files in that folder you downloaded into a folder called Plays. This Plays folder can be found in the directory you installed the game too. I'm going to assume you installed the default directory so you can try looking in;

c:\matrix games\maximum-football\plays

This is where the contents of the folder you downloaded should be put.

Let us know if that helps.

rcleslie -> RE: Installing play books (6/17/2006 10:16:10 PM)

Thanks for the help. It is certainly better to know the correct destination folder! I'm still not out of the woods, however. I copied and pasted the play files (originally downloaded from from my desktop to the plays folder and the playbook (college playbook1) now appears in the playbook list in the utilities. When I try to open the book I get a list of the plays, but no diagrams when I click on a play. If I try to import the book or any of its plays into another play book I get the following message: "Could not open playbook file. Please ensure this is a MaxFB playbook file." I'm not sure what to try next. My only thought is to delete the dowloaded book and start over sending the download directly to the play folder rather than to the desktop and then copying and pasting.

rcleslie -> RE: Installing play books (6/17/2006 10:23:38 PM)

Thanks very much for your help. Please see my response to Deltadog. The problem may be that I am not downloading the playbook properly. The default destination that I'm given didn't look at all familar to me so I directed it to my desk top. I suspect I should have browsed to the MaxFB/plays folder and expanded it there.
I hope I am making sense. I am not used to the jargon. I look foward to becoming more literate. Thanks again.

rcleslie -> RE: Installing play books (6/20/2006 10:48:15 PM)

I now select the MFB plays folder as the place to expand downloaded playbook files. The utilities recognize the files to the extent that I can get a list of the plays and a diagram for each play when I click on it. So far so good. However, when I try to install one of these downloaded playbooks to a team and click "update" I am prompted to "select a playbook". In other words, my selections don't take. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that the newly downloaded playbooks appear in the playbook list with a folder icon as opposed to the dial-up icon that precedes Fun and Gun and the other books that game with game. No doubt I am still doing something dumb on the downloading, etc. Let me be clear, when I first open the playbook list the newly downloaded books appear with a folder icon, but when I click on the name (e.g., playbook_export_college)and then click "open" a new file name (e.g., college) appears with a dial-up icon. I still can't get the game to accept it as the book for any team, however. I hope this is clear. Am I having some kind of folder within a folder problem?

I await anyone's wisdom on this. [&:]

Deltadog -> RE: Installing play books (6/21/2006 6:23:41 AM)

The folder playbook_export_college is a folder that contains the plays and the playbook.  Move it and its contents outside the Plays folder.  Next open that folder and copy the file College.pbk from that folder to the Plays folder.  Then use the utility to open the playbook which is in the plays folder.  Select the import play book option and navigate to the playbook_export_college folder and proceed to import it.  This will move the necessay plays into the plays folder.  After that when you select one of the listed plays you will see the diagram in the small window.

rcleslie -> RE: Installing play books (6/22/2006 11:05:21 PM)

Thanks again. I can now get the plays for a given book into the list of plays such that when I click on that book the list comes up and I can get a digram, etc. What I am now having trouble with is trying to create a new playbook in which the college1 plays are added to the fun and gun plays. I can create a new book with the college1 plays imported, but then cannot add the fun and gun plays. When I try I get simply get the fun and gun list without the college1 plays. If I try to add sinlge plays the only list that comes up is fun and gun. How can I combine collegee 1 and fun and gun?

frunky -> RE: Installing play books (6/23/2006 1:33:17 AM)

The easiest way is to open the fun and gun book
save it as some other name that's convenient for you then import the college1 playbook [:)]

rcleslie -> RE: Installing play books (6/25/2006 3:21:25 AM)

Your suggestion was helpful. I think it may work either way. At any rate I am now a much happier camper than when I started this thread. All I need to do now is get schedules to work for me, but that is for another day, anothger thread. [:)]

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