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JAMiAM -> Bug Reports: How and what to post. (6/6/2006 7:44:02 AM)

While we've tried to ship a product with as few bugs as possible, there will inevitably be some things that we ended up missing. This post is to explain how to submit a "bug" report.

First of all, make sure that what you are reporting is a "bug" and not simply a feature that you do not understand, or agree with. That is, you have found a situation where the code behavior is in clear violation of some documented behavior, whether in the manual, or "WhatsNew" (readme) document for the latest revision.

Secondly, attempt to define whether the problem is repeatable, or occasional. If the problem is repeatable, then describe the exact steps needed to duplicate this occurrence on another machine. If it is occasional, then to the best of your ability, describe what happened before the problem occurred, and try to get a screenshot of the situation, or of the error report that Windows generates, when the program is shut down.

Thirdly, post your findings in a calm state of mind, with as much detail and information as you can, including a brief description of the problem in the Subject line.

We will be striving with all diligence to squash bugs as quickly as we can, but keep in mind that bug fixes and patches need to be tested, to make sure that we aren't breaking more things, than we fix.

We will also be taking a hard line on false bug reports, and deleting, or moving them as appropriate, so that we can keep focused on the real problems, and not the imagined, or poorly described ones, and wish list items. Please post your wish-lists in the general, or scenario design sub-fora, as is appropriate and help us to keep focused on keeping a high quality to the product that you have just purchased. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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