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vijil -> A very late noob. (1/13/2006 2:53:41 PM)

There doesn't seem to be an introductory section so I'll just go right ahead and post here.

I'm a conceptual artist, learning to be a ler, and I've always been fascinated by space sim games though normally I'm underwhelmed. I'm a crazy fan of the Homeworld series (some here may know me from the relic forums), and was rather impressed with I-War 2.

Recently I started thinking a lot about space sim games, and decided that I'd try to find any other decent space games that were around- newtonian physics being preferred as they allow so much more in terms of combat options and strategy while also being more realistic. At first nothing showed up on the normal sites, so I started coming up with ideas for my own universe. The ex lead programmer from Binary Star, the biggest games developer in this country (New Zealand), offered to create the core of an engine for me after a couple of meetings.

Recently, despite seeming interested and even getting the basics done, he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth leaving me with a pile of artwork and design documentation but not much else.

Then I found this, and whatdaya know, it's getting towards what I was thinking of to some extent, although it's definitely bigger in scope and plays a lot different. Even still I really like it as a concept, and it has bucketloads of potential. The demo sure was fun and I've played it through more than once. The full version is not available in stores in this country though.

Milo, if you're out there, this is some great work. Where are you planning on taking it in future?

In case anyone is interested, here's a couple of sketches I'd done back in the day to start fleshing out the now somewhat defunct space game idea:

Incendiary Lemon -> RE: A very late noob. (1/13/2006 4:50:27 PM)

Those are beautiful, could you share a few full shots?


I'm a crazy fan of the Homeworld series

Did you play Cataclysm? The core team established a new studio called Kerberos Productions. They're working on a new 4x Game and an untitled project which is likely a new space sim.

Starshatter is unique. Milo took a fair bit of inspiration from the cancelled Babylon 5 title but playing it for the first time I was reminded of Falcon 4. I believe he's still well occupied with a dayjob but he's given SS a great deal of time, in the last year he wrote a Dx9 renderer and began the next release called Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm Screenshots

Apologies if your already familiar with these, but you may want to check out the following communties.

Freespace 2 - Hard Light Productions

Nexus - Official Page

Vega Strike - Sourceforge

X3 - Official Page

Erik Rutins -> RE: A very late noob. (1/13/2006 9:11:09 PM)


Very nice art! FYI, the full version is available for download from our online store. Just click on STORE above - we support many currencies and payment methods, so that you can buy the game as long as you have internet access.


- Erik

vijil -> RE: A very late noob. (1/14/2006 1:26:21 AM)

thanks guys. Incend: have a look here for some full versions.

as you can see I was going for the more cluttered environment, focussing purely on space, emphasizing maneuvreing skill and reflex more and having less in the way of capital ships, though I'd thought a few would be cool which I'd continue to upload. It occurs to me that maybe this could be done as a mod?

Incendiary Lemon -> RE: A very late noob. (1/14/2006 11:05:32 PM)

Starshatter is quite open for modding. You can alter or replace any of the art you see ingame... HUD, Ships, whatnot. The physics are pretty much user defined. You can build new campaigns if your willing to go to work with notepad (ie no automation or tools provided [;)]). Starshatter has a small community so we haven't seen anything on the order of a TC but there is some modding on the side. DamoclesX was working on a Babylon 5 TC and then a Battlestar Galatica TC but then Matrix Games hired him. You can see his work in Gathering Storm screenshots. If you want to pick up the full game, I'll vouch for the online ordering process - its quite painless.

Thanks for sharing your gallery [:)] again really lovely work.


Incendiary Lemon -> RE: A very late noob. (1/14/2006 11:11:32 PM)

The screenshot is from 4.5 (the demo is 3.9 I believe). The fighter is one of Damocles' Dilgar War models.

vijil -> RE: A very late noob. (1/15/2006 4:03:13 AM)

ooh, loving the vernier effects.

Yeah I'd be a little stuck on the technical side of things since I've never really done any coding beyond VB, and I'm still a raw beginner when it comes to 3D, though very keen to learn. I just draw cool stuff and let someone else handle that hehe.

A couple of things I would want to know: could asteroids be added? I can see from the modding tut that rotating space stations could be done... I guess it could be done that way but just using a big asteroidy thing.

Collisions: Any collision, no matter how light, = death in starshatter. Is there any way around this that you can think of without the source? It's important for my game that fighters can land on any suitable surface, or have varying levels of damage depending how hard they hit. I can't see that working with the current engine though.

How big can stuff be made? I want huge 20k asteroids.

Could a form of gravity simulation be added? If objects could be given a g rating that would be *great*. I doubt this could be done without seriously reworking the source though.

Could a system whereby more than one player mans each ship be implemented? Maybe even by having two or more ships tied together, each being a part of what looks like just one. A way around it maybe. That said, tying ships together would make it possible to have seperately damageable subsystems on ships, something SS is missing.

Oh and one final point, is there any reason to retract the landing gear... ever? I can't find one...

vijil -> RE: A very late noob. (1/18/2006 10:06:20 AM)

*bump* - see above

Steel_WOF -> RE: A very late noob. (2/7/2006 7:07:03 AM)

some interesting questions that would be cool to see answered. i am especially interested to know if fighters landing in fighter bays was fixed/made better in 4.5...

landing gear - well if you are going to enter the atmosphere, then yes there is a reason...otherwise maybe it just looks dorky. :)

vijil -> RE: A very late noob. (1/14/2021 7:25:58 PM)

I just got an email with a discount voucher for being a 15 year member! Took a while to even figure out what it was. My old art seems so crap now!

I'm now 37 with 3 kids. I think I was 22 and extremely single when I last posted. Since then I've worked as a lead concept and 3D artist for TV including Disney, then moved to marketing and am now CMO for a company with ~500 staff.

Starshatter was awesome. Did you guys ever do anything more with the genre?

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