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Jonestown -> Brand newb and looking to play by Email (12/31/2005 2:17:57 PM)

Hey Guys,

I think I am probably the Noobest player ever in here, because I still don't have my copy of WaW.

never fear, it's coming in the mail this week, and i should have it soon!

Nonetheless, I am a huge Axis and Allies fan, and plan on spening some serious time with this gem.

Anyone else who is new to the game, and wants to PBEM, please email my account at

Lerue @

Also, I prefer to play against other 'real' new players, and people who will not Abuse the rules of the game,
I am looking for more of a pseudoreality style of game.



Timmeh -> RE: Brand newb and looking to play by Email (12/31/2005 2:28:09 PM)

I am also fresh off the transport :)

I'd like to try a playing the Allies, you can send the turn oneeyedpea @ if you want to play

looks like advanced supply and fog is the norm, also fuel cost to add to realism would be good.

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