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DWReese -> [Logged] AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (7/10/2021 6:50:25 PM)

First, thank you for creating the extra AN/TPY-2 platform. Expanding the range from 540 (Terminal Mode version) to 935 (Forward-Based version) is very significant.

Can you check to make sure that it is operating as designed?

I just used both, swapping one for the other, and they both seem to be detecting incoming DF-21Ds at approximately 244-259 miles.

The Terminal version, of course, allows for directing fire, but the Forward-based does not. I assume that that operates as designed.

But the Forward-based does not seem to get the benefit of the expanded 935 mile range. It appears that that is not picking anything up until the same distance as the Terminal mode.

Both versions seem to be the same, except for the different names and the different ranges.

I don't know enough about it to know if it is working as it was designed, but I suspect that it isn't. Just a quick look by you guys should be able to determine if some flag or something is checked/unchecked/etc.


DWReese -> RE: AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (7/11/2021 12:48:23 AM)

FWIW, The UAE also has two units just like the ones that the USA has. One is listed as a Terminal Mode and the other is Forward-based, just like the USA. Both Forward-based have a range of 935 miles. Both Terminal mode have a range listed as 540 miles.

Given the same scenario, just swapping out units, all four detect the incoming DF-21Ds at a range between 244 and 267 miles. The units with the 935 range were no better than the 540 mile range.

When looking at the UAE, the unit that is listed as "Terminal" discusses the Forward-based version, which appears to indicate that, at a minimum, the description is wrong.

Not knowing lots about it, I would assume that the units with a 935 mile range would likely be able to detect the same units further away than the Terminal mode does. But, I don't know if this is the way that it is designed, or not.

WSBot -> RE: AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (7/12/2021 8:12:42 PM)


KnightHawk75 -> RE: AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (7/13/2021 2:19:53 AM)

fwiw I got a "Terminal" detection at ~420-385nm from a coastal install @ ~1000ft elevation, but I agree the "Forward" labeled seems to makes no difference really range wise other than being slower, so it just tends to detect marginally later\worse. At least against a ~3.5 sqm DF-21D RV target anyway, which is what they are when they are picked up. Keep in mind the DF-21D prior to RV is only 0.9sqm. DB Range data is there, PRF looks right, power and pulse width are same as original though. hmm.

click thumbnail for full image.

build 1147.29 db3k489

DWReese -> RE: AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (7/21/2021 2:49:49 AM)


Perhaps you've had a chance to look at this in the database. Both units seem to detect the same incoming missiles at virtually the same distance, despite one radar having a much longer range (almost double).

Is this by design, or is it something that needs to be reviewed/changed in the future?


DWReese -> RE: AN/TPY-2 Forward Based/Terminal Mode) (8/9/2021 7:22:23 PM)


The two TPY-2 units (Forward and Terminal) each have differing ranges set, but both seem to detect the same incoming missile at approximately the same distance. In other words, the fact that the forward has a listed range of 935 miles and the other is about half of that number, has no impact on detection. Both are detected at the same distance.

Is this something that is still being looked at/corrected for the future, is have you determined that this is working as it is designed? I believe that Knighthawk75's data concerning the two units essentially detecting the same object at the same distance is something that would appear to be some kind of error.

Any update?

Thanks in advance.

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